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Angharad Williamso, Killed Her Son


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Mum Angharad Williamson was a stockbroker’s girl who lived a luxurious life and became a “sh*t mom” who killed her first-born son Logan Mwangi. Privately educated, the schoolgirl was a bit crazy as a teenager. However, she told a jury that she loved Logan’s bones and “loved the bones”. She was actually yelling at him, including calling him “b ******”” and “f***ing head” on the street.

Williamson claimed to have been an “overprotective mom” but hid Logan’s abuse and attacks by lying to social workers, doctors, and police about previous injuries. Logan became anxious and miserable in his last weeks on Earth. He began to wet himself and started self-harming by biting his lips or pinching them until they bled. Williamson, a London-born child of City of London stockbrokers, attended private school and then obtained 12 GCSEs in order to enrol in a Southend college filmmaking course. After moving out of her mother’s house as a teenager, she was arrested for using her mom’s credit card to spend money and even driving her car on an unlicensed spin.

Williamson became pregnant with Logan in Brentwood, Essex while she was working as a manager at Westfield Stratford’s Carphone Warehouse. She gave birth one day after her 25th birthday. Williamson was epileptic throughout her pregnancy and had seizures. She moved to South Wales with Clare, her mother who had retired to St Brides Major in Bridgend to receive additional help.

Logan’s father separated her from Logan and they eventually broke up. Williamson, who had a part time job at the village’s post office, married a soldier based at nearby barracks. However, the marriage fell apart.

Williamson stated that she was happy being a single mother with Logan, as her mother and she worked together to raise him. She stated that Logan was a joy to photograph and she took photos of Logan coughing, sneezing and taking pictures of his breathing. He was a wonderful boy. Logan had a second mom to me through my mum. She was amazing.”

Williamson replied to a question about her relationship with Logan: “It’s beautiful. Logan was very cuddly and I am a sensitive person. They were very close. Logan was my little sidekick. He was such a beautiful, happy boy and we did everything together. He was so smart, he wanted the world to be his playground. I was so proud of him. I even put his photos on my windows. I also showed him on Facebook. After moving out of her mother’s home, her life began to spiral again. Williamson was granted a two-bedroom apartment in Lower Llansantfraid, Sarn, Bridgend in January 2019. This is the place where Logan died in his final hours.

Williamson was unable to drive or work due to her frequent seizures. She would receive around PS1,500 per month in benefits, not have to rent her flat on the council and Cole would stay over. She claimed that her initial relationship with Cole, an unemployed Cole, was “perfect”. She shared with the court her love for Cole’s “pimple popping” and “ingrowing toenails” programmes. This helped him to pop spots on his sweaty back after he got home from the gym, or to deal with his long-standing toe condition. She stated, “It sounds strange, but spot-popping is very satisfying because it’s cleanliness & clean.”

Williamson traveled to London to see Logan’s father, and her father who lived nearby, just a few months after their first date. Williamson claimed Cole “interrogated her repeatedly” about their visit to London when she returned from south Wales. He demanded to know if she had slept with Logan. Williamson stated that Cole was “very cold to me.” It felt like I was being interrogated quite a bit.

Williamson stated that Cole would bring up the topic with Logan several times and ask the five-year old about it. She claimed that it was to cover for Cole’s affair with a man she met at his gym. She stated that Jay would ask Logan leading questions and tell Logan, “Mummy and daddy were sexing, yes?” She said: “Jay would ask leading questions and say to Logan: ‘Mummy and daddy were kissing, yes?’ She stated that he was guilty of having an affair while she was in London.

Williamson acknowledged Logan was “picked up” by Cole, but she didn’t challenge his cruel punishments. Logan broke her arm in August 2020. Williamson has now admitted to lying to police and covering it up.

She claimed that Logan fell down a flight stairs and that, believing he had a dislocated shoulder she tried to “pop” it back in place. Williamson informed police that Logan had fallen down a flight of stairs and that he was being pushed down by the youth defendant. This was only January 2021.

The phone call resulted in social services being involved and Logan being put on the child protection registry. Williamson changed her story regarding the arm injury at trial, saying Cole was the one who tried to fix it.

Despite the involvement of social services, Logan was still abused and Williamson in May 2021 burned Logan with a hot teaspoon she drank from a cup coffee. Logan “yelped” as the wound became so severe that he jumped backwards and had a cut on his neck. Cole and Williamson decided to conceal the injury by telling social workers that Logan had accidentally scalded his neck in the bathtub tap.

Gaynor Rush, a social worker, believed Logan’s story and two weeks later Logan’s child protection status was changed from “child under protection” to “child in crisis”. This meant that Logan needed less contact with their family.

Mum Williamson tried to present herself as a loving mother for Logan, but she admitted to holding him by his arms and shouting “Stop f***ing lying!” the day before his death.

According to the court, she was “neurotic” about Covid-19. Logan’s positive test 10 days prior to his death, she locked Logan in her room and kept the rest of his family away.

As food was being delivered, the boy had to face a wall so that Covid could not be caught. He must have thought about the 10 days that he lived.

Williamson presented herself as a victim throughout much of her evidence – a grieving mother who was suffering from Cole’s oppressive relationship. Williamson, in a tearful display, explained how she had taken prescription medication for depression and epilepsy to sleep through Logan’s murder. CCTV footage showed lights being turned on and off at the family home, even though she was the only person inside.

Digital experts discovered that her phone was being accessed throughout night, with videos about pimple popping being shown. Williamson, a self-confessed fan of “true crimes”, was arrested for Logan’s murder just days after his body had been found. She wept in the witness box, shouting: “I didn’t do it.” The jury disagreed and said that I had not hurt Logan.

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