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Asda Customer Tries Martin Lewis’ simple tip and reduces weekly cost between PS52 and PS17


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Through a change in the way he shop the reporter Harry Ingham was able to save huge amountsafter discovering a hack in the MoneySavingExpert website. While the price of living continues to rise, and inflation stands at nine percent, shoppers are advised to stand up in supermarket aisles in order to earn substantial savings. Consumer experts at MoneySavingExpert which was founded by Martin Lewis, have pointed out the simple one second hack of crouching down.Asda Customer Tries Martin Lewis.The idea is that supermarkets are more likely to place those with the highest price (and the most profitable) products in the consumer’s line of sight. However, cheaper and brand-name products are often located on the lower shelves.The reporter Harry Ingham, from Hull Live tested this idea to the test to determine how much he could save.

He explained

“I started with a important household item: I looked up the cost of premium-quality coffee against the bottom shelf and discovered that Douwe Egberts priced an eye-watering PS5.90 and ASDA’s own brand cost just PS1.83. The tea bags were a bit different. For instance, the Pukka green tea that was on the top shelf cost PS2.79 and ASDA’s green tea cost just 70p for a box.

To answer a question that you might be asking I have compared like with like in the weight and size – not only the heaviest and least expensive products. This way I noticed some striking prices: for instance the container of the top-of-the line Fage Greek yoghurt costs a staggering PS4.50 and the lower shelf ASDA equivalent costs PS1.50.I was heading to the milk aisle , however, this time I chose to stay dairy-free. One carton filled with Califia Oat milk which is at the top of the shelf costs PS2.65 The ASDA oat milk found on the bottom shelf costs PS1.With butter, meanwhile, a middle-shelf pack of Lurpak will set you back by PS3.50, whereas a bottom shelf tub of I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter is only a pound.”

Harry discovered that the idea proved to be correct after discovering alternatives that were cheaper at the bottom of the shelves in every food category across the entire supermarket.As he browsed through the pasta shelves He noticed that the Napolina spaghetti on the top shelf was priced at PS1.10 per pack, whereas that of the ASDA Smartprice pasta on the bottom shelf cost 23p.Dolmio’s pasta sauce is PS2 on the upper shelf. The equivalent of 70p ASDA equivalent was located further down.Olive oil from Filippo Berio cost PS7.99, in comparison to ASDA’s own brand, which cost PS3.20.

After scouring the condiment aisle and spotting Hellman’s mayonnaise cost PS3.29 with the ASDA bottle selling at 75p and placed at the bottom of the shelf. Heinz Tomato ketchup, meanwhile was located on the top shelf, priced at PS2.29 and ASDA’s own brand priced lower priced at 42p. Harry discovered the same with chopped tomatoes. Napolina canned tomatoes priced at 85p on the upper shelves, while the 30p ASDA smartprice cans were located at the lowest.The Branston Beans four-pack in the middle shelf retailed PS2.50 and the ASDA own-brand beans were priced at PS1.20 for the smaller shelves. The same is true for flour and a tub of Homepride priced at PS1.50 in comparison to that of the ASDA Smartprice at 55p.

Jacob’s cream crackers were on the top shelves, priced at PS1.50 per packet, with the price of 40p Asda version being on the lower shelf.Harry said: “Quaker porridge sachets were priced at PS2.65 for a box, while the ASDA equivalent at 79p. What do you think was located on the bottom shelf? Furthermore, preserves and jams such as Bonne Maman and Bonne Maman, were priced at PS2 as opposed to the ASDA jam that was on the bottom shelf was sold at just 85p. In the same way, Pip and Nut peanut butter was located on top of the shelf on PS3 and that of the PS1.20 ASDA brand was at the lowest.

Examining fizzy drinks, Harry found that Coca Cola was priced at PS1.77 The bottom shelf Smartprice Coca Cola cost 20p. Harry said: “Adding all of the prices that’s how the total cost of the higher shelf basket will come to PS51.78. If you choose to go with the lower shelf options the basket will cost PS16.82. You read that right. If you shift your focus towards the bottom of shelves of the supermarket, you can save PS34.96.Some people may say that you pay for what you get and certain products may have a better quality than other. However, with the price of food rising, other might be amazed to find out that you can reduce your expenses by clearing one or two shelves.So that, as prices continue to increase and you’re heading out for your shopping be sure to look at the shelves on the bottom. You could be able to make a saving.”

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