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What can call tracking do for your car dealership?


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There are various components involved when running a successful car dealership, but one of the most important is how effectively you attract and engage your customers.

But how can you achieve this in the best way for your business?

The answer – incorporating call tracking software.

In this article, you’ll learn what call tracking software is and how it can bring a vast range of benefits to your car dealership.

Read on to find out more.

What is call tracking?

Call tracking is an advanced software that’s designed to track and analyse various aspects of your customer calls, as well as provide unique data surrounding customer engagement throughout your entire car dealership marketing.

The software reveals highly detailed information on your customer calls. This data can include things such as:

  • The call abandonment rate
  • The revenue produced from every call
  • The marketing sources generating high-quality leads
  • The calls generated from your landing pages

As well as these call metrics, call tracking will also provide accurate data on the levels of customer engagement throughout your business.

The software uses a variety of insights and reports that gather extensive data on customer interactions, which you can then use to create customer journey maps.

These maps will clearly outline the specific journeys taken by your customers when they interact with you, including the touchpoints they visit before, during, and after they call. That being said, you’ll also see the journeys of customers who don’t call.

With this data, you’ll have a full picture of how your marketing is performing, revealing the number of leads and sales being generated throughout each of your activities and channels.

What benefits can call tracking bring to your car dealership?

There are a vast range of benefits that call tracking can provide, and this includes, but is not limited to:

More engaging marketing activities

With call tracking software, you can create more engaging marketing activities to generate increased leads and sales.

The insights and reports from the software will help you see the strongest areas of your marketing – i.e., the marketing activities delivering the highest number of leads and sales.

This will allow you to analyse these activities and see what makes them so engaging for customers.

As a result, you can then replicate these elements in your new marketing activities, so they all share the same level of high engagement, and your dealership receives a further boost in leads and sales.

Accurate tracking of valuable leads

Call tracking can also benefit you by helping you track your most valuable leads.

A key feature that can be used in your call tracking software is speech analytics, and this allows you to transcribe every customer call, as well as pick up on any keywords that are important to your dealership.

Using this feature, you can quickly identify the customers who are most interested in your services, and are likely to convert to a sale.

You can then trace the journeys of these valuable leads, to see which channels and marketing activities are generating them.

This will give you a clear and easy way to track your valuable leads, so you can focus on increasing engagement in key areas of your marketing.

An improved marketing budget split

How you distribute your marketing budget is also essential for your dealership, and call tracking can ensure you do it in the most cost-efficient manner.

With the insights and reports, you’ll have full visibility on your marketing performance, seeing which activities are generating increased leads and sales, and which are not achieving this.

You can therefore direct more of your budget towards these successful activities – so they can further boost customer engagement – and remove funding from the activities which are underperforming.

This will ensure your investments are only going towards successful marketing activities, and you’ll therefore have a much higher return on investment (ROI) for your dealership.

With a variety of benefits to call tracking, you should consider implementing the software into your car dealership and experience these benefits first-hand.


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