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Boys to get lessons about periods and menopause alongside girls for sex education 

Schools will be told to stop splitting up pupils for sex education classes so boys grow up with a better understanding of female...

Britain’s healthiest ice lollies REVEALED amid UK heatwave: Ice poles can contain just 13 CALORIES

If you fancy tucking into an ice lolly while basking in Britain's record-breaking heatwave today, you might assume they'll be bad for your...

Are YOU drinking enough water? From brown to transparent, urine guide reveals if you need more fluid

We've been inundated with pleas urging us to keep hydrated amid the UK's record-breaking heatwave.But how do you know whether you've actually had...

Retired GP battling chest pains driven 300 miles to London because of queues at Cornish hospital

A retired GP plagued with chest pains was driven nearly 300 miles from Cornwall to a London hospital — because her husband feared...

Is BEER the key to staying hydrated in the heatwave?

Is BEER the key to staying hydrated in the heatwave? Experts...

Anxious? Try eating marmite: High vitamin B levels can ward off bad thoughts, study claims

If you want to ward off the blues, coating your toast with Marmite may help.Vitamin B6 — abundant in the controversial spread —...

Experts reveal how much water to drink to stay hydrated amid the UK heatwave

Around two thirds of Britons do not drink enough water, researchers have warned — as much of the UK roasts in record-breaking heat. The...


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