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Chicken, Leek, and Mushroom Pie


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This Chicken pie, Leek and Mushroom is a classic British Classic! It’s a creamy filling that has crispy puff pastry topper. Even better, it can’t be made any easier!Do you know a better combination than leek, chicken and mushrooms? It’s a classic flavor combination that demands to be wrapped up in a rich sauce and served into pie. Chicken, Leek, and Mushroom Pie .Pie recipes are one of those recipes that appears to require more effort when it really isn’t. It’s true that I prefer to make my own pastry, but it’s easy as pie.Oh God, I’m sorry this was awful.

The pie recipe is easy to make Yes, indeed. Let’s review the ingredients needed for the leek, chicken and mushroom filling, shall we?Ingredients: Chicken Leek as well as Mushroom Pie ingredientsChicken Thigh,Leek,Chestnut Mushrooms,Butter,Flour,Chicken Stock,Cream,Thyme,Nutmeg,Garlic,Mustard,And that’s it! I’m sure a few or all of these are familiar to you to you in the kitchen!

Making the Chicken, Leek and Mushroom Pie

Fry your chicken until it is brown and removed from the skillet, and then add the leeks, garlic and mushrooms, and cook until they start to turn color and begin to soften.Add flour , and then slowly mix in the cream and stock until it is lump no longer exists.Add the chicken back and then add the condiments and the mustard. Cook until the sauce becomes thick.Put the chicken in a large dish, then cover by puff pastry. Paint with egg wash, and bake until golden.It’s very easy! The rich chicken, leek, and mushroom filling, set under the crispy golden pastry, absolutely timeless!Tips to make the most of Chicken, Leek and Mushroom Pie

Chicken thigh Packed with more flavor than breasts and can be less tender when cooked. Chicken Stock/Cream Many recipes make use of either one or the other one, however I think mixing both is the most effective choice. The stock from the chicken gives an amazing depth of flavour while the cream offers that traditional creamy chicken the mushroom pie filling and leeks. Mustard – A few tbsps of mustard can be a game changer, believe I’m here to tell you!

Do not cook prior to baking Then bake.It’s essential to let the filling simmer before you place it into the oven. This will allow the flavors to be developed more effectively and it will also bring the amount of liquid so that it’s not watery on the other side. In the same way If you are certain that you prefer a rich sauce, then begin by using 1 cup stock, and modify it according to your preferences.

Can I make use of Chicken Breast? The short answer is yes however, I highly suggest using thigh because of its large fat percentage. More texture and more flavor.

Do I need to use Chestnut Mushrooms? I prefer chestnuts for their meaty-like texture, but you can add any other mushrooms you want to add. The key is to create a amount of color through frying them in butter.

How do you prepare leeks

 Leeks can get extremely dirty and sandy, so it’s essential to wash them before you cook them. Like you’ll see,, I cut the leeks into rounds and if the leek is clearly dirty then put the slices in the bowl of water and then swish them around with your fingers. The dirt will sink to the bottom , and the leeks will grow. If it’s one that is particularly filthy, then cut it lengthways and wash dirt this way it won’t be able to produce rounds, that’s all. In any case, make sure you remove the root and the dark green parts that you will need for soups or stocks in the future and they’re not suitable to put in pie.

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