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Council Tax Rebate: Who is eligible?


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A few people in England might have had to wait for longer than they expected to receive an PS150 city tax credit.The Chancellor Rishi Sunak informed Parliament that the bill will be paid in April, and a Treasury document of guidance confirmed the same.The document was later amended to read “from April”, the BBC’s Radio 4 Money Box programme has discovered.This change brought it in the same line as other information made available from the Treasury to the public that said that the cash will be paid “from” April.Council Tax Rebate The money is going to residents who fall into Council tax bands D-A. Although certain councils have made the payment, a lot of households haven’t received the money.

Many people contacted the BBC’s Money Box programme to say they had been waiting for their money in April , but were puzzled about the fact that they didn’t receive the money.The Treasury declared: “We’ve always been clear, including in our press notice and the leaflet which went out to millions of households, that the PS150 council tax rebate to help with the cost of living would be paid ‘from’ April.”

The Levelling Up Department, which is responsible for the implementation The Levelling Up Department, which is responsible for the roll-out, said: “Many councils have already begun paying the rebate, and we are expecting the rest to begin paying in the coming days.”The PS150 council tax rebate will help millions of people deal with rising living costs, and we have provided an additional PS144 million to councils to provide support to any household in need, regardless of council tax band.”The Local Government Association, which represents councils, stated that it was working to process the payment , and the need for fraud checks as well as new software caused delays.Households are able to check the local council’s website for more details.For Wales as well as Scotland it is the responsibility of councils to decide on how they will pay the money. In both countries, the scheme also applies to those who are in the council tax band E-H if they receive a reduction in the council tax because of having a low income.

In Scotland councils are told that they are able to offer the PS150 as direct discounts on their council tax and a lot of them have.Although there isn’t a Council tax for Northern Ireland, the executive has been provided with money to pay for the taxes, however the process has been slowed by uncertainty in the political arena.

How much can bills get?

Energy costs are in the midst of record-setting levels with the average household expected to be paying around PS700 per year , since prices went up 1 April.Prices rose by 54% in the average following the decision of Ofgem, the regulatory body Ofgem has increased its price cap, which regulates how much energy companies can charge their domestic customers.However, many households, including those in flats or sharing the heating network of a communal property aren’t covered from the price cap and consequently are subject to greater price increases.

How many houses have received a salary?

It is difficult to determine the exact number of households that have been able to claim this rebate. PS150 city tax credit.Money Box has however found that many councils haven’t yet started with the payment process for thousands of people living in their area who have the right to this.

The program also revealed that in many regions even those who are first in line, since they pay council tax through direct debit, won’t be able to receive their tax payment until the month of May or June.People who don’t pay with direct debit approximately three quarters of households might have to wait until September.Bill payers in the millions who do not make use of direct debit are told to wait until they are contacted by their councils in order to arrange payment, but this is expected to drag the process further.

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