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Court will hear universal credit PS20 appeal to raise the amount


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They also blasted the “heinous” failure of the ministers to give the same PS20 boost that is provided to those who are universal credit recipients to those who are on “legacy benefits” like the employment or support (ESA). Today, the lawyers representing four beneficiaries of legacy benefits appeared in the Court of Appeal in London to try to reverse the ruling which found that the decision of the government was not illegal.

The benefit was only available to those with universal credit and was never accessible to those who had the benefits of the past. Paula Peters, a member of the national steering committee of Disabled People Anti-Cuts (DPAC) and who was a participant in an vigil outside of the courthouse, said that the “heinous” inability to offer the PS20 increase to people who are who are on legacy benefits proved that the government “don’t pay a smidgen of attention to us”.

Martha Foulds, another DPAC steering group member who flew from Sheffield to participate in the vigil said that she’d always wanted to be outside of the Royal Courts of Justice to assist in forming “a united front ” against the government. esa court case update, She stated that the federal government has joined forces in its attack on us, therefore we have to unite in fighting back.We must stand united regardless of the condition we are in, or our status as claimants.

and the disabled activists Andy Mitchell, who travelled from Somerset for the vigil claimed that PS20 PS20 “would have assisted in reduce the financial burden” that disabled people felt during the epidemic “and psychologically, it would make us feel more included and felt that we are important.

The court of appeals has ruled in February that ministers from the work and pensions department acted legally when they did not offer the PS20 increase to around two million beneficiaries of ESA and jobseeker’s allowance (JSA) as well as income support.While the court ruled the fact that discrimination was rife against disabled beneficiaries of old income support, the judge decided that the different treatment was justifiable.

The lawyers representing the four claimants argue the disparity in treatment was “unjustified and unjustifiable” as well as a violation of European Convention on Human Rights particularly since people with disabilities had already been disproportionately affected by poverty prior to the outbreak that caused an enormous increase in their living expenses.

The three Court of Appeal judges who were present for the hearing this week is expected in the coming few months.

Paula Peters told Disability News Service (DNS) yesterday the reason she and others took an active part in the demonstration at the hearing.

She stated: “As a legacy benefit claimant, it’s crucial to come here to draw attention to the horrendous discrimination that we are faced with by being completely, purposefully neglected and omitted by this PS20 increase.”

She stated that a win of the appeal “would indicate that justice has been able to prevail and that the wrong was rectified and those who have been claiming legacy benefits will be able to receive the assistance they’re entitled to – they’ll be capable of keeping their homes warm in the winter months, have food on the table, and provide social assistance which is urgently required.”

Her warning to the authorities was that they might “expect to see more opposition” due to “DPAC aren’t going away”.

Martha Foulds told DNS the delay in providing the PS20 to claimants of legacy benefits was “just an extension of the government’s assault against disabled persons, and a continuation of their treatment of us with apathy like dirt on their shoes”.

She claimed that a victory in the court case would demonstrate to that the federal government “that you sabotage handicapped people on your own peril.

“We will be fighting back by taking an action in court or through direct actions.”

Andy Mitchell said he was there as a political activist and a legacy benefit claimant, who, like himself, was not eligible for the PS20 lift.

The judge said that the government’s incompetence to act was “an absolutely unfairness” and that the way it dealt with handicapped people is “appalling” While winning the case could be “a massive victory for us”.

He added: “Some people are still in debt following lockdowns and struggle to pay to get out of it.For the majority of us who are on older benefits, we should not examine this situation in isolation.Since 2010, we’ve been deprived of benefits due to austerity benefit freezes, benefit freezes and increased conditionality, and benefits sanctions.

Our public services have been removed and attacked by politicians and media. The fact that we didn’t get the PS20 is a major aggravating factor to of those injuries.Anna Thompson from the women’s disability group WinVisible has called for the PS20 to be restored to all people with universal credit, in addition to being granted to people who are on the legacy benefits, esa court case update, which she claimed would create “a significant impact” and provide relief to the thousands of kids “left with poverty or poverty” because of the elimination from the PS20 payment in the last year.

Marc Francis, director of policies and campaigns for Z2K, the charity for people in need. Z2K that played a pivotal role in bringing this case before the court, spoke to the people who attended the vigil, that the verdict of February was “absolutely incorrect” and that discrimination based on disability was “never justifiable” and acknowledged his support for the four claimants in court.

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