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Creme De Mure Giffard


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Creme De Mure, A blend of blackberries, powerful scent of blackberries and smooth flavor. It is perfect for making an ideal Kir Royale champagne cocktails.Creme De Mure Giffard.A fruity and sweet home-cooked Blackberry Liqueur (also known as Creme de Mure) that can be made your own with a minimum of effort on the clock. A great method to make use of the abundance of blackberries that this season has to offer! This homemade blackberry liqueur is only getting better with time. So make one large batch now so you can make the perfect home-cooked gifts for Christmas in December.

If you haven’t guessed from the many recipes I have posted on my blog up to now, I am absolutely obsessed with making cocktails and playing around with different flavors and spirits. That’s why I have to keep my bar* as well and well-stocked as I can so that I can not limit my imagination. This is what I say to myself when spending a lot on alcohol, spirits, bitters and other beverages! If I could make a few of the most popular drinks at home with a minimum of effort and expense, I’m definitely on it. It’s a good thing that this Creme de Mure also known as Blackberry Liqueur is one of them!

I’ve spoken many times about the love I have for blackberries and the season of blackberries in the UK I have plenty of wild blackberries during September and my refrigerator is bursting with blackberries. Along with making delicious desserts using blackberries, Homemade Blackberry Liqueur is one of my most favorite ways to make use of these delicious fruits! Like jams, liqueur can be an excellent method to preserve your seasonal fruits for later throughout the year.

Because it’s an creme liqueur Blackberry Liqueur tastes very sweet and is typically consumed as digestif. However, Blackberry Liqueur also lends itself very well to cocktails, and it’s the primary ingredient in classic cocktails like the Bramble which is a gin-based cocktail that I’ll share my personal recipe with you in the near future! The Blackberry Liqueur/Creme of Mure is a fantastic substitute in Creme of Cassis in Kir Royale. Kir Royale too, As I’ve mentioned before that the making of Creme de Mure, also known as Blackberry Liqueur or Creme de Mure is very simple, takes only a few hands and is ready to drink in just only a few days. The flavor intensifies over time, but it’s ideal to prepare now and enjoy during the Christmas season.

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