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Creme Fraiche Substitute


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Creme fraiche makes your dips delightful as well as your delicious soup dishes extremely rich. What happens if a recipe requires creme fraiche , but you don’t have it? No worries! While creme fraiche does have distinctive flavor but it is able to be recreated using other dairy products. Read here for the top alternatives to creme fraiche! Creme Fraiche Substitute is a soured , cream with 30-45% butterfat , with the pH of 4.5. It is soured by bacteria, but it is not as sour as U.S.-style sour cream. Creme fraiche has lower viscosity, and has a greater fat content when compared to sour cream , which has around 20 percent butterfat.

Creme fraiche is a rich cultured cream, comes from French origin and translates to “fresh cream” in French. It is usually found in small tubs inside the dairy aisle in the grocery store, right next to the aisles where you’ll discover the sour cream and cream cheese. It’s flavor is similar to sour cream, however it’s generally sold in smaller tubs. Creme fraiche tastes extra thick and creamy, and also has less water and higher fat content that sour-cream. Creme fraiche is usually added to sauces and soups to make them thick and smooth served on scones, biscuits, mixed with scrambled egg to create even more rich or blended with sugar for dessert toppings. It’s a great addition to your shopping list however, if you require some good alternatives to creme fraiche in an emergency, look into these easy alternatives.

The tangy, full-fat Greek yogurt can be a fantastic alternative to creme fraiche in the event of a need. While it’s not as high in fat as creme fraiche, it does give the same creamy texture, and can be substituted in 1:1 ratio. It is suitable for sweet and savory dishes.

Cream cheese is sweet and smooth, similar to creme fraiche, however it’s much more dense. If you’re using it as dips, you’ll have to thin it out using milk or another dairy product. Cream cheese cannot be drizzled or dolloped and therefore won’t be a good topping. You can put it in small quantities in soups or sauces but ensure that you blend it well until it melts.

Sour cream is a suitable alternative to creme fraiche since both are quite alike. When you use it in salads or for a topping, they’re basically interchangeable. Sour cream is a bit more tart and less fat.


Many have reported success making use of full-fat Greek yogurt to substitute for crème fraiche particularly for desserts. You shouldn’t choose to go with a lighter or low-fat versions. Make sure you use full fat to get the maximum results. Because of the higher protein content and less fat content when compared to the real thing the substitute is suitable for salads and as an ingredient in a dish.

Mixure of Sour Cream

If you’d prefer less flavor and more fat, mix some heavy cream, then mix it with sour-cream. The typical proportion is 50 Sour cream and 50 heavy cream. Change the ratio as. Due to the higher content of butterfat the mix of heavy and sour cream is a superior alternative to creme fraiche when you want to incorporate it into soups, hot sauces or other hot sauces. It’s also more creamy and less sweet and tangy.

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