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Dear Deidre: 6 Millon People Helped


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Deidre Sanders (aka Dear Deidre) has been The Sun’s agony aunt over the past 35 years. Her column is legendary. She’s helped more that six million people with their problems but she’s far from done. Today, she will share her personal reasons for becoming an agony aunt.

She will also share the most common problems she has encountered.

The Sun newspaper will celebrate their 50th anniversary on Monday. Our very own Deidre has been with them for nearly 40 years.

She’s helped over six million people with their problems in that time, but she’s far from done. She’s here to share her personal reasons for becoming an agony aunt, just a few months before this milestone.

She will also share the most common problems she has encountered and the strangest questions she has been asked.

Others agreed with the misgendering and wrote, “Paige might consider calling her daughter a “he” that would be a step towards supporting her daughters’ transition.

Another voiced his disapproval: “Lovely to see a mother misgender her trans daughter on national television

Another person posted “Stop. Saying. Him.

What’s the most memorable moment in your career?

It wasn’t our fault that we had the worst snarl-up. Due to an editorial error, the box in my column that tells readers where to send me a letter was left blank. It happened that a thank you letter was written by a reader after she experienced sexual satisfaction for first time in 16 years. She expressed gratitude to my leaflet Women & Orgasm.

It was a joyous occasion and thousands of Sun readers asked for a copy. They scanned the paper until they found an address. It was located just down the street from our main editorial office. From there they sent the bingo cards. The envelopes were stamped and addressed to that address. We didn’t find out what had happened until two weeks later, when I received all these complaints from readers. “I sent your leaflet about orgasm and you sent me the bingo card. What the hell am I supposed do with this?

It was a great success

Deidre’s Photo Casebook is a popular feature of her column. It is more than 25 years old.

The casebook is a photo-strip that illustrates a problem. It is written and edited by Laura Collins who is also a counsellor.

Deidre believes that it has made counselling and support for emotional problems more accessible to people who otherwise might not have considered it.

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