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Dianne Oxberry Died From Ovarian Cancer


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She walked for ten miles in an area along the coast to the North-West starting from Blackpool to Fleetwood with a smile and laughter with children and well-wishers on the route. A few days later, she took on another ten miles, all along the Wirral.Everyone knew Dianne. Her attractive face was received by people in the area for the past 24 years, serving as the meteorologist in residence of BBC North West.Dianne Oxberry. Dianne looked happy and healthy and a professional doing her part for the community she served.After eight weeks, she died aged 51, barely 10 days after she was identified with an aggressive type of cancer of the ovary. There was no prior warning, and there was no time to plan. Then, all of a sudden Dianne disappeared.

The hurt and shock are still evident on the face of her husband who is grieving, Ian Hindle.”I don’t have a moment that I don’t think of her, feel sad for her or often be sad when I think of her. confesses the cameraman aged 57 and father of two infant children. I miss her sense of humor, her affection. She was a wonderful wife and mother , and I will miss everything we shared together.The ‘Anniversaries’ have been a huge challenge. Christmas which brought back all the memories of last year, was difficult. It is a fact that you must accept it, and overcoming this is another step in the right direction.”But I’m sad that she’s missing those crucial moments when my kids have accomplished something awesome and I’m thinking”Oh, I wish I had called her to say some thing about the event.’ Or , if you’re struggling and you’d like to chat with your friendor your partner but can’t since she’s not there.’

Dianne’s warm, natural presentation appearance made her well-known broadcaster on radio and television. While she worked with celebrities like the Radio One’s Simon Mayo and Steve Wright but she was most well-known as Dianne who advised her viewers in the North West when to get the barbecue from the garage on the weekend.The local boy, comedy Peter Kay once gatecrashed her weather report, and sank on his knees and saying”Dianne Oxberry… God love her… you’ve provided sunshine to everyone.’

In January of 2019, her passing caused a huge space in her family’s lives.The speed at which the disease spread was shocking to everyone”, Ian says. Ian. It wasn’t that she was severely ill that we thought she would be dead. It’s a common misconception to say that cancer lasts an extended time. Sometimes it is, but sometimes it isn’t.’Their residence is in the south of Manchester began their relationship in the year 1991, when Dianne began working for a show on Saturday mornings called the 8.15 from Manchester.”She was very sharp-witted and could always find a way to come up with something humorous and funny,’ Ian says. Ian. When we first began to meet I was performing on stage to a popular song so that the cameramen could practice getting the perfect shot. Dianne was in the room, and saw me, and then informed me later that this was the moment that she thought”He’s just the right one’.’

The couple got married in 1993. Dianne began to build the house they had always wanted. Dianne did me a disservice in the area of DIY she Ian says. Ian. She fitted the kitchen, she laid flooring — a neighbor was able to recall visiting her one day to find herself on her own trying to fit a huge wardrobe to the top of the staircase.After 15 years their twins were born. Ian has not revealed their names or their ages in any interview, and he would like for them to remain unidentified.”Dianne was very sensitive to the privacy of her children,’ he adds. The outpouring of public sympathy over the loss of Dianne was inspiring and brought me peace, it was difficult for children to cope with.”Most mothers don’t have memorials that are publicized in Manchester Cathedral.”She was an amazing mother. I was able to spend a lot of time away from home due to work, but she was able to get to work. She was a mother of children and a horse, as well as dogs I’m not sure how she was able to deal with them all , let alone complete her work. But she did.”She was extremely healthy, and that’s why it came from the blue to us all. There’s no family history of cancer of the ovaries on her lineage. In November of that year, she had an abdominal pain, and she felt tired but that was it.”Her GP suggested it could be IBS. She underwent a scan, and they believed she might suffer from an ovarian cyst, but there was no panic.It’s a part of the issue. Ovarian cancer is often referred to as the silent killer however in reality it is a whisper’. There are signs like weight loss, bloating as well as abdominal pain and fatigue which could be a sign of it.

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