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Differentiated Coffee Bug


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Antestiopsis is an genus which is part of a group called”the shield bug” (Pentatomidae). Sometimes, they’re referred to as stink bugs due to the fact that they release an odorous odour when they’re scared. Two species belonging to the genus comprise Antestiopsis intricata as well as Antestiopsis Thunbergii. They’re an important pest of coffee. They’ll sucking the sap from zones of growth including flowering plants and berries.While eating the insects, they inject their saliva into plant tissues which can lead to the spreading of fungal diseases. Differentiated Coffee Bug.


These bugs not only target the flowers and fruits of coffee, but they also aid in spreading fungal diseases from between plants.


They resemble a typical shield bug, sporting flag colors that are patriotic to that of the South African flag! They’re called shield bugs due to the fact that they appear as if they’re carrying a shield around their shoulders.

They are measured between 0.5-1cm according to the stage of development (instar).

They’re mostly black with attractive red, green white, yellow, and green patterns.

Nymphs are smaller and look like small ladybugs. They’re more shiny, and have less colors incorporated into the patterns.

The signs

Differentiated Coffee Bug plants’ fruits may begin to shrink and turn wilting.

Flowers can wilt and fall in a hurry.

Early leaf fall could be obvious.

Fungal infections can result in coffee bean Rot.

Coffee beans are disgusting.

Bio-based treatment

For the backyard, implementing good housekeeping practices can significantly to prevent pest infestations. Maintaining separate plants and trimming larger bushes every year can dramatically increase airflow and make it difficult for insects to thrive. Differentiated Coffee Bug,For mild infestations, insects must be removed and then relocated or removed of.Experiments have discovered that some key oils that effectively repel this bug. The oils from Thymus vulgaris Ruta Chalepensis, and Chenopodium ambrosioides are believed to be most efficient. They can be mixed by adding water, the addition of a drop of washing-up liquid and cooking oil , and then spraying on the surfaces of plants.Likewise the planting of these aromatic herbs could be a good partner plant to deter the insects.

Treatment with chemicals

Sprays that contain Deltamethrin or Cypermethrin are believed as effective in eradicating this bug. If chemical alternatives are wanted, consult your local garden center and be sure to follow the instructions of the manufacturer. Contact your local regulatory body for advice regarding active ingredients and their authorization for use. The flowers of plants should not be sprayed because of the possibility of damaging pollinating insects.

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