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Download Instagram Story Through Dumpor


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Dumpor, anonymous Instagram story reader, has become quite popular in the last few months. So, I decided that it was worth checking out. This tool was powerful and I could see it as a threat to my reputation and safety. Here are some facts about dumpor to help you decide if you want to download it.

What is Dumpor and How Does It Work?

Dumpor lets you view any Instagram story anonymously. You can also monitor any user’s profile, followers or live stream so you can see which people they follow and how many followers. Another cool feature is the ability of searching for users by their location. So you can follow people in your neighborhood! Dumpor is the most secure anonymous app out there. Dumpor has had its code completely rewritten and enhanced encryption added to it, making it unrivalled in private capabilities. We have a zero-logs policy. That means that we don’t keep any data on our servers.

Please ensure that you read the terms and conditions before downloading dumpor. Dumpor values privacy and asks that you use the software responsibly. We welcome any feedback or suggestions about bugs that you might encounter.

How to Use It

Dumpor is an excellent way to see someone’s Instas without knowing their username. Dumpor simply requires the username to display their stories and tagged photos. You can also look at their followers and their stories, but you won’t be able to follow them back. Keep your browser open and close it whenever you’re not feeling the need. Dumpor is a handy tool that allows you to remain anonymous while still being able to use the tools you need.

It’s not surprising that people are afraid of being stalked on social networks. Dumpor is very concerned about privacy. We protect your data with encryption.

Why is It Useful

Many people would like to anonymly follow their exes. They don’t want others to know they are doing it, but they want to be able and visible on social media. Sometimes there’s a desire to hurt someone and get revenge. Dumpor allows to look at your ex’s Instagram Stories and Photos for free. Dumpor is anonymous because there’s no need to signup. You can search by tags in your neighborhood or other locations of particular interest to ensure you don’t miss any images from family and friends.

Push notifications give users real-time notification so they never miss an important update. It’s simple to search for profiles, as it pulls directly form a user’s telephone book (this only occurs when users agree). Once you have access to accounts that users have not yet signed-up, you can avoid tons of clutter and save time while looking things up.

When someone follows you back, they will send push notifications. This works in the same way as Twitter and Tinder notifications. However, notifications are mobile-friendly anytime, anywhere. Users can view only tagged location posts anonymously via a map interface. We will soon add a face recognition function to allow users to view specific location posts anonymously.

These are the features

Dumpor, a private and anonymous Instagram viewer, allows you to see Instagram stories anonymously. Dumpor makes it easy to search Instagram for users by tag, location or username. You can also find all stories of the user’s last 24 hours and any saved stories. Dumpor offers all the user-profiles and followers for each user free of charge. Dumpor makes private Instagram viewing simple! Dumpor – Why Dumpor Use Dumpor to share your story privately. You can also see other Instagram users’ stories, even if they are not following yours.

In some cases, it may not be appropriate to notify someone about being viewed. Don’t be left behind by the latest trends! Download dumpor right now to make sure you don’t miss a single story!


Dumpor can have many different features that may seem harmless in their own right, but when combined they can become very dangerous. For instance, it is possible to track and follow someone’s profile anonymously. Geolocation is similar. Tagging locations manually won’t show a user’s username or profile photo to others (e.g., taking a picture from one location but posting it with another-tagged), however, it is possible for viewers to tag multiple locations as part of a story.

Users could be seriously injured if these tools are used maliciously or by third parties. Because most people share their Instagram stories publicly, these functions can pose security and privacy issues.


Dumpor lets users anonymously view stories, profiles, tagged posts and other posts. Dumpor lets you search anonymously for profiles or tags. The app is also available on the App Store and Google Play Store. It’s free and easy to install. Your world will be more exciting and mysterious.


- Never miss a story with notifications

- Gain full access to our premium content

- Browse free from up to 5 devices at once

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