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Drones: the latest tool that police forces use


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In the intervening years police forces’ requirements have changed in order to adjust to the various scenarios that can be encountered on the job. Drones are certainly among the most effective new tools made available to Police forces. Just a few years back, when drones first appeared on the market police chiefs could not realize the benefits of unmanned drones to support police work. The use of drones by police are extremely effective, particularly when it comes to:

* Investigations into traffic accident scenes

Find missing people

* Where suspects are located

* Perquisitions

* Operation to rescue

* Detection of illegal actions or other operations that affect public safety or that are not in the best interests of the public.

The drones can take off virtually anywhere and remain in hover for a prolonged time.From the sky, flying far further away than its target the police drone gives “eagle sight” for officers. officers.Ready to take off immediately at any moment and in any situation, the Police drone is able to be swiftly located without the need for more resources. In this way it is possible for the personnel-manned Police helicopters can be used to other missions in where transporting passengers via air is essential.By watching from the air the drone is able to limit the chance of being exposed to Police officers, and therefore can save lives. Police headquarters are always in contact with drone pilots to direct the special units on the ground or teams (SWAT).

It is important to note that the Police drone pilots are accessible 24 hours a day all week long. The speed and range of flight enables the Police personnel to arrive at the scene quickly and to have the drone airborne nearly immediately.As an end note that is more so today than in the past and the Police drone’s air support helps greatly to increase public’s security, as well as for the police officers who are on the ground.

Drones that are equipped with zoom, optical, or thermal cameras allows law enforcement officers to watch the unfolding crime scene more precisely and from a greater distance. A camera drone that can be quickly deployed lets officials have an improved vantage point during chaotic times when ground-based personnel are dangerous. Aerial vantage points can also permit after-accident scenes, or crime scenes to be documented in full and reconstructed in order to understand the chronology of events that occurred for every incident. The dependence on only ground assets to handle emergencies increases the risk to security of the people as well as emergency personnel. It also reduces the effectiveness and efficiency of emergency response. Drones used for public safety work in a way of enhancing the force, and cost less than the manned helicopters need. In the event of shootings that are active, IEDs, or armed hostage situations, the drones (small drone that is not manned system) is able to detect dangers from a safe position and allow law enforcement at the scene to work more safely. The Matrice 300 RTK with Zenmuse XT2 camera, H20T or DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual Thermal Drone gives law enforcement the equipment needed for a swift response to emergencies in which the ability to stay aware of situations is key. Below is our 2017 infographic about Police Drone use cases.

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