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Fantasy Story: A complete guide for a newbie:


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Fantasy is something that everyone likes to read and write about. Movies are produced using fantasy as a genre because people watch fantasy. There are interested in watching something out of the world like SpiderMan, Iron man, davidearlwilliamsiii.com Valor Tales, etc. Everyone is bored with their life, they want to see something special and unique that can take them away from reality.Fantasy Story: A complete guide for a newbie

Fantasy writing is not for everyone it requires an imaginative person who can imagine characters, scenarios, perfect climax and ending which makes people wonder what will be next. To become one requires hard work and guidance. Hard work is your job and guidance is what I will provide you shortly.

How to start writing fantasy:

Fantasy writing just like other writings needs you to start writing something, soon your inner writer instinct will kick in and you will imagine and write like a pro. The following points will help you start writing fantasy not easily but will guide you through the tough pathway of writing.

  • Always start small. It’s a common saying that brick by brick makes a wall so small paragraphs make a story and eventually a book someday.
  • Start imagining things and write about them. Cover their unseen aspects, for example, everyone looks at the tree as a green shady umbrella-like structure with a brown anchoring stem but a fantasy writer will into like, a tree that becomes venomous at night and targets those who sleep under it by slowly injecting a small amount of paralytic agent and once the prey is paralyzed it would drag it down and feed on it for days. This is how a fantasy writer would look if he is writing a horror fantasy.
  • Involve culture in your story and play your characters according to it. If you are writing about the past you should think of yourself there and write in accord with that time. I explained above about the creepy tree if you have to introduce culture into that story you will have to think about how people will react to it if they find out about the tree at that old time. Would they have called a priest or some investigating agencies? If you write in this accord people will never lose interest in reading your story.
  • Define your hero, villain, and other characters of your story. Write about the outline of a story. Close your door and start imagining how your characters will be if you meet them in reality. This way you will be able to portray a more accurate picture while writing a story.
  • Write daily even if they are a few lines. Never miss out on this point, because once laziness kicks in, writing passion gets lost somewhere.

Features of a fantasy story:

As I said above people are always interested in reading about something out of reality and the world so your story must be revolving around the following topics:

  • Magic
  • Vampires
  • Mystery
  • Connecting world stories
  • Time travel
  • Superhero

This was a short outline for writing a fantasy story. Writing more and more will make you professional in no time. If the above guide is followed you will be able to improve your writing in short time.

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