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Gareth Southgate’s Family Lifestyle and Adorable 24 year Marriage to his Wife Alison


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According to the old saying behind every great person is a beautiful women.And in Alison, England director Gareth Southgate has his rock who has stood with him from the time he was an elite footballer, to the man in charge for the forthcoming Euro 2020.She was married to Gareth 50 for 23 years. his dedication to his wife and family appears to have rub into the team.Indeed, at the 2017 World Cup Rebekah Vardy acknowledged the manager’s “family first” protocol for the World Cup by allowing players to spend time with their families after games.He also lifted the ban on sex before games, and we watched celebrities like Harry Maguire and Jordan Pickford snuggle up with their partners on the field.Gareth Southgate’s Family Lifestyle.

This time due to the strict coronavirus procedures and the team being required to stay in a bio-secured bubble, the Wags are removed out of the England’s Hilton Hotel base at St George’s Park. However, if we didn’t live in the present You can bet Southgate would have prioritized family over all else.


Gareth’s devotion to his personal family values and the values of his team members are believed to be due to Alison 54.The couple first met when she was working as an assistant in an apparel store, while Gareth had been playing with South London side Crystal Palace in his early 20s.The player who was often ridiculed for his nose, would pretend to go to the store for clothes however it was actually the beautiful blonde behind the when he went to look at.It took him two years before he could muster the courage to invite her to dinner.

Unfortunately for Gareth she was having a relationship with a man that time. It would take longer before they were able to be together.Funny enough, when his first attempt was unsuccessful this former Middlesbrough boss ran into Alison and her boyfriend at a local restaurant one week after.After hearing rumors that they were in the process of dissolving, Gareth gave her his number while her ex-boyfriend wasn’t around.

Incredibly, his daring act was rewarded and she contacted his name that evening.In his autobiography from 2003, Gareth revealed in the early days that they would go into the Tesco car park to meet up to keep their relationship hidden from the ex.The couple would later live together in Birmingham as the footballer played for Aston Villa and they were married in the Parish Church of St Nicholas, Crawley, in 1997.


Alison has stood at Gareth’s side throughout both thin and thick.She came to comfort him following his famously mistake in penalty kicks against Germany during the Euro 96 championships, which resulted in England exiled from the tournament.She was also sat by him when they were offered the PS3m an year job as England manager in 2017.The couple now live in the grand 6-bedroom Elizabethan manor house that was which was built during the 16th century. It is located in beautiful landscapes within North Yorkshire.

The couple reportedly spent PS3.75million on it , and it’s the home of their two kids, Mia, 22, and Flynn 18, who is 18.in his book Southgate said that his family life keeps him in check from the pressures of playing football.”On Saturday evening, our children are not too bothered whether Dad’s team have won or lost,” the author wrote.”Neither does Alison get too worried about football. And this is the way I feel about it.”Regardless of what happens the responsibility lies with me to ensure that not one’s night is destroyed due to things that took place on the field of football.”The agonising waits until Alison and the kids are asleep.”


Alison is a quiet person who prefers to stay clear of the news.She has been able to keep her private life in the privacy of her home, which is very challenging since her husband is the head of the national soccer team.

Although they’re certainly wealthy, Alison shares few holiday pictures on social media which suggest they have an affluent lifestyle.Mia is in her last semester at the University of Edinburgh studying Social Anthropology and Flynn is a student at the University of Edinburgh. Flynn is a student in Yorkshire.

And Gareth has been speaking on the significance of keeping an unfailing relationship between parent and child despite his hectic schedule and full-time job.He said to in the Standard the following year: “You do have to seek out the balance, because my focus always focuses on making this team as good as it can be.

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