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GBBO actor Matt Lucas speaks out over Oscar ceremony Alopecia joke


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The host for The host of the Great British Bake Off, Matt Lucas, has spoken about the joke Chris Rock made at the Oscar ceremony regarding alopecia.The comedian was referring to Jade’s loss of hair because of hair loss due to alopecia. In the Oscar ceremony Chris Rock American comic made jokes about “GI Jane 2′ about Jade’s hair loss.This caused Will Smith, Jada’s husband to step onto the stage and hit Chris after which he verbally criticized him for his place on the stage. The incident left fans and stars in discord. Will Smith has since apologised for his ‘inexcusable and unacceptable behavior.

Will be nominated to win award for the Best Actor award after his part in the role of Richard Williams, the father of tennis players Venus and Serena in the film King Richard. In the present, Matt Lucas has spoken about the incident following having suffered from alopecia since the age of an infant who lost all of his hair by the age of 6 according to BirminghamLive.As people quickly condemned Chris, Matt said: “I have alopecia , and I’m a comedian, and often makes mistakes. I don’t know what I’m supposed think about the last night.” Fans were however ready to share their thoughts.

One person was able to reflect on his reaction to the gag and on the violence that occurred following and said it was “uncalled to be used for”. Another fan stated: “No one said it was funny. The debate is over whether a comedian being beaten on stage to make an inappropriate joke is appropriate (it does not). It’s a matter of whether Will Smith wasn’t rich and famous, he would certainly not have been able to do the incident.”

Another person wrote: “I have hair loss I am always yelled at by others, it’s a pain but I’m not one to go around slapping anyone. It’s even more shocking that nobody looked into whether Chris Rock was ok – says a lot about the Hollywood high society.”

Mr. Smith has publicly apologized to Mr. Rock after he ran off on stage and hit the Oscar’s host in his face.In an account on Instagram published in the early morning hours of Tuesday UK time Mr Smith declared: “Violence in all of its forms is harmful and destructive. My conduct at the Academy Awards was unacceptable and unjustifiable. The occasional jokes at my expense are normal however an ode to Jada’s medical issue was too difficult for me to handle and I felt emotionally.

“I want be able to apologize publicly to Chris. Chris. I did not follow the rules and was in the wrong. I’m embarrassed, and my actions are not in line with the person I wish to be. There is no need for violence in a world that is filled with love and compassion.

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