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Gogglebox hits with more Ofcom Complaints about showing X-rated duck scene


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Gogglebox was also subject to an additional set of complaints from Ofcom after it showed a shocking X-rated clip featuring a woman and a duck in the new Apple TV series Roar. It caused a lot of controversy among Channel 4’s viewers and shocked many of their favorite armchair critics. The episode featured “The Woman Who was Fed by a Duck”, a short story written by Cecelia Anhern. Merritt Wever played Elisa, a woman who begins a romantic relationship. Later footage showed the woman and duck having an intimate sexual moment.

The Channel 4 program was criticized by viewers who took to Twitter complaining that the clips were disturbing and left them feeling “traumatized” and “shocked”. since then an additional 68 complaints have been sent to the broadcasting watchdog bringing the total amount to 217.

Gogglebox cast members were stunned by the scenes. Jenny, a show favourite, tried to control her laughter while Lee looked terrified before covering his face with a hand. Marcus and Mica also had similar reactions. Mica was trying to not look before Mica laughed loudly. Joe, a Scottish newcomer, was left wondering: “What’s the **** going on?” “. Mary and husband Giles questioned the way it all worked. Mary replied that “the duck couldn’t physically …”” and Giles said: “Well, he can Nutty, and he can use his finger.” Mary later called it the “worst thing” she had ever seen. Gogglebox continues every Friday at 9pm on Channel 4 and All 4. Gogglebox was reprimanded with over 100 complaints after viewers were shocked by the ‘traumatizing’ scenes. The popular Channel 4 program returned to television on Friday, April 22.

The families, including siblings Sophie and Pete Sandiford as well as best friends Jenny Newby (and Lee Riley) shared their views on the latest TV shows and breaking news. AppleTV’s Roar was one of the featured shows on the most recent episode. The series’ feminist anthology was launched earlier in the month. It is based on the 2018 short stories collection by Cecelia, and Nicole Kidman serves as producer.

The Friday Gogglebox clip was taken from Merritt Wever’s “The Woman Who Was Feeded by a Duck”. She portrays Elisa, who struck up a conversation in the park with a duck. The bizarre scenes show that the two become close friends. It appears Eliza was in love with her new friend. In scenes that nobody expected, Goggleboxers, viewers and others witnessed Elisa and the duck engage in intimate acts. The bird told Elisa to lie down on the ground and take off her pants. The Gogglebox stars displayed their reactions live on-screen. Viewers flocked to Twitter to share their thoughts. @mummarebecca tweeted “That show Roar. Is disgusting! It’s disgusting! I just saw a #gogglebox clip of a talking duck engaging in oral sex. Yuck.”

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