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Here’s the date Marmite will return to shelves in South Africa.


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The supply of Marmite have been at a low level in South Africa, a hangover of the prohibition on alcohol during the initial phases of lockdown.The famous spread is created by concentrating yeast extract which is a byproduct of the brewing process beer.A number of shops have run out across the country, and a spokesperson from PepsiCo which is the owner of Marmite, the Marmite trademark within South Africa, told Business Insider SA on Monday that Marmite will return to shelves all over the country, in two weeks.”The past five months have been difficult for us at our Marmite manufacturing facility because we could not get any yeast that was used as a vital ingredient during the lockdown time,” states Mandy Murphy, manufacturing executive for food for PepsiCo Sub-Saharan African Africa. “This is due to the fact that two of our major producers of the yeast we use in South Africa, the AB-Inbev and Heineken Breweries were not permitted to run their businesses.”

The ban on alcohol was lifted (for another occasion) in mid-August. However, it took a while for the breweries working at full capacity. The production of the 125g containers of Marmite was resumed in September midway through the year and large 250g bottles were introduced within the beginning of October.Marmite will return to shelves in South Africa.

Production is not fully replete, and it could take time before stock can be delivered to stores.

SAB was more open with its information, confirming that there was indeed a lockdown, and that it cut production in its breweries due to alcohol restrictions. This led to lesser wet yeast being made readily available to Pioneer Foods (owned by PepsiCo) according to Sphe Vundla Brand Director at SAB Corporate.”This is just one of the many instances of the consequences of alcohol prohibitions and has far-reaching implications than one might think.”Volumes were not affected significantly at the beginning of the lockdown which began on March 20, 2020. We made substantial progress throughout the lockdown times when yeast was readily available in smaller volume.”

Brewer’s Yeast is one of the key ingredients used in Marmite as explained by Vundla. “SAB has been providing yeast for Pioneer Foods for a number of years. We supply our the yeast we use from the Alrode and Chamdor brewery and believe this is a partnership which reflects our efforts towards economic recovery by affecting people’s lives, livelihoods and the quality of life of those affected through this Value Chain.”The most exciting news of the moment is the news that SAB continues to provide with yeast Pioneer Foods. “At this point, we don’t anticipate any shortage of yeast,”” Vundla said. Vundla.”It is the most disappointing to not locate Marmite in the stores. If you’re in need of the salty delight in cooking or on toast it’s a desire that is difficult to satisfy.” told my good colleague Tracy Essendrup, who likes to consume it at least once a week on toast. Usually, it’s only a teaspoon from the Jar. Insert a wide-eyed emoticon.

Oppositions to Marmite and Bovril are a bit skewed (the latter is made up of meat extract) however Tracy stated that she’s fortunate to not be vegetarian. Bovril can be a great alternative in the absence of Marmite. “I prefer keeping both in my bag,” she said, noting that she’ll be very, very content, when she can get the chance to try Marmite again. “Git into mah belleh” the woman said while kissing her belly and rubbing her lips.Naturally, I cannot stop at this point, not when the internet is eager to fill my brain with additional information that could be beneficial for dinner parties and social gatherings where people can chat, if these were still things I did. World Marmite Day is on September 28, and apparently “people all over the world treat themselves to a delicious food product made of yeast extract” and it’s as if they could only do it on this day.

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