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How Google Ads Work on a Local Level


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For an untrained eye, marketing campaigns can be a simple inconvenience in their everyday lives and web browsing experiences. The average internet user rarely knows what goes on behind the scenes of complex advertisements, their distribution, localization, use cases, and criteria for personalization. The science of efficient marketing can be an overwhelming subject because the shifting factors and parameters can change the significance of certain tools and applications and understanding the market is just as important as grasping the technical tools that turn the gears of an entire campaign.

Today, we will focus on the main contributor to the marketing revolution and its shift of importance toward the digital world – search engines. With Google as the top competitor, the tech giant has branched out and affected every aspect of the digital world. To focus on marketing, we will discuss the importance of google ads that appear on frequently visited websites. After reading this article, you should understand the laws that govern the appearance of google ads and their localization. Then, from the point of an advertiser, we will address the ways businesses can utilize internet privacy tools to test if the purchased google ads appear on the desired websites and follow the laws of localization. For example, marketing of local businesses in America and preferred states can be tested with US proxies – intermediary servers that change your IP address and request the data from the web in accordance with the geolocation of the remote server. To learn more about US proxies and their distribution through the states and most popular states, check this article by Smartproxy – a legitimate top provider that offers educational content for beginners and affordable deals for all clients.

The appearance of google ads

Search engine users encounter google ads at the top or the bottom of the results page. Other search results depend on the keywords and the backlinks leading to the page, but the search engine controls the priority of ads. The advertiser must choose a selection of keywords associated with your product or brand that will trigger the appearance of the desired ad. Even if the organic search results have competitors that should rank higher on the search results, purchased google ads may still appear on top and overwrite the priority.

You can find many SEO tools on the internet that will help you choose the best keywords for google ad appearance. Most of them will be short queries for products or services provided by your business, the name of the brand itself or a combination of both.

While search engines and the top of the search results page are the priority, google ads extend outreach by appearing on google associated networks, the network’s video platform YouTube, and other Google partner web pages, even potential search engines. While the google ad usually appears on top when displayed on search engines, partners can decide their custom placement for the ad, some networks even placing them at the bottom for consumers that did not find what they look for in the presented organic results.

Google ad localization

While the success rate depends on the business model, as well as provided goods and services, on average, ad localization and verification convert to the most clicks and successful engagements with the company website. Most customers trust and choose to support local businesses more, either due to pride in a national product or cheaper costs for shipping. Clients can have a closer, personal connection with the company and become recurring visitors.

To attract a local customer base that might be interested in the company and its services, Google ads are localized for more frequent appearances in chosen regions. This can be achieved with the effective use of provided extensions.

Extensions should focus on providing as much information as possible associated with the targeted locale. If your business is located in the targeted region, even better – you can add an extension of your location that will redirect the visitor to the google maps app and show the shortest route to your facilities.

Phone calls with local numbers are also incredibly effective extensions as they will encourage interested customers to collect information about the company with ease. For such cases, it is recommended to start building local customer support departments and make sure that potential clients can engage with your business while speaking their native language.

Extensions about affiliates, retailers, and other connected businesses can help customers reach and purchase your products at places convenient for the region.

With everything combined and in place, you can start testing the keywords in google search results to test if your ad appears. If you are targeting a remote region, choose a proxy server with an appropriate IP address to get the POV of a local user and test the ads in specific countries, states, and even regions. The flexibility of google ads makes it one of the best if not the best tool for efficient digital marketing.


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