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How to Find the Secret Infinity Pool in Snowdonia, Wales


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The infinity pool in the middle of Snowdonia is among Wales’s most treasured secrets. Be extremely fortunate to find someone online willing to share its location away . And we’re no exception. What we are ready to help you to make it easier for you to find the mysterious infinity pool by offering two clues.

The Infinity Pool Is On The Llanberis Pass.

The Llanberis pass isn’t just stunning, but also the home of the infinity pool of Snowdonia.

This Llanberis pass is likely to be the most important piece of information you’ll need to narrow your search. This is typically the only hint offered by the majority of users on the internet.

Use Satalite Images To Trace The Streams

After you’re sure that you’ve located the main size of the pool from the above image, it’s time to follow the streams that run up the mountain using Google Maps satellite view. This is by far the most frustrating step in trying to locate the infinity pool of Snowdonia.Make sure you get as close as you can when following the streams, as the infinity pool could easily be missed and disappear with the surrounding landscape.

The Pool Shape

The design that the pool infinity that is located in Snowdonia is a mystery. It’s not a rectangle or a circle, but it appears more like a mix between an oval as well as an arc. The pool can be easily recognized by the concrete which forms the border of the pool.

The infinity pool at Snowdonia must be in you Welsh wish list. If you do manage to find it, it’s extremely cold! The secret location is enhanced because it takes a effort to locate it, which makes the pleasure of finding it more satisfying.

It took us over an hour to find the pool using Google Maps, but following the directions above, it will only take only a fraction of that time!

While Mr. Jones stated that littering was an problem in the past, his primary issue was that the location was being used for late-night events.

The farmer is investigating ways to manage the property to ensure it is an idyllic spot for people to take in in a secure and manageable manner.

He added: “We had a littering problem in early on, and I’m pleased to report that it no any longer is an issue. “My main concern right now concerns me about the possibility that groups of youth from the surrounding area will arrive here to have events at the middle of the night.

“It’s more dangerous than anything else and has me concerned at times. I’m okay with people traveling there, so long as they are respectful of the place as well as the natural environment surrounding it.

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