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How to Find the Secret Infinity Pool in Snowdonia, Wales


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The infinity pool in the middle of Snowdonia is among Wales’s most secretive secrets. Be extremely fortunate when you come across someone online willing to share its location away. And we’re no exception. But what we’re ready to help you in your search for the infinity pool that is elusive by offering some clues. Secret Infinity Pool in Snowdonia.

The Infinity Pool Is On The Llanberis Pass.

The Llanberis pass is not just an incredible mountain pass, it is also the home of the infinity pool of Snowdonia. pool.The Llanberis pass is probably the most important element you’ll require to narrow your search. It is the primary information that is provided by the majority of people who are online.

The Image Below

The picture above not just shows the gorgeous pool, but also the closeness of the surrounding area. Be sure to take a particular note of the home as well as the road that curves and of course, the well-groomed grass! These details will assist you greatly when you study maps!

Use Satalite Images To Trace The Streams

If you’re satisfied that you’ve located the size of the pool in the above image, it’s time to begin following the rivers that flow up the mountain using Google Maps satellite view. This is the most difficult step in trying to locate the infinity pool that lies in Snowdonia.Secret Infinity Pool in Snowdonia, Be sure that you zoom as deep as you can when watching the streams, as the infinity pool is likely to be missed and disappear with the surrounding background.

The Pool Shape

The form that the pool infinity that is located in Snowdonia is a mystery. It’s not a rectangle or a circle, but actually appears more like a mix between an oval as well as the shape of a triangle. The pool can be easily recognized through the concrete that defines the border of the pool.

The infinity pool at Snowdonia must be in the top of your Welsh wish list. If you find it, you’ll be freezing cold! This hidden landmark is enhanced due to the fact that it will take a amount of effort to find it, which makes the pleasure of finding it more delicious.

It took us nearly an hour to find the pool using google maps. However, when you follow the instructions above, it will only take only a fraction of that time!

Tell us in the comment section below whether you’d like to brave the frigid winter weather and swim in Snowdonia’s most secretive pool – the gorgeous Infinity pool.Secret Infinity Pool in Snowdonia, After you’ve located this attraction (fingers crossed) If you’re interested in learning more about the things you’re likely to see and experience while there. Below is a post that outlines tiny details about this secluded attraction.

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