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Instant Pot Air Fryer


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With 11 functions in one The Duo Crisp Air Fryer is able to do everything and is easy to use! Slow cooker, pressure cooker steamer, saute pot, food warmer, and sous vide. You can swap it for the lid that is used to air fry and it becomes an air fryerand roaster small oven or grill and dehydrator. It cooks up to 70 percent faster and more power efficient than cooking techniques it’s EvenCrisp airflow gives your food the crunch and softness of deep-frying with up to 95 percent less oil and grease. With a huge 5.7L capacity that is able to cook up to 6 portions, making it ideal for families!Pressure cooks and then crisps food with air fryer lid.11 settings that include: steam, grill, fry, slow cook, fast stew, braise.Keep warm function.5.7 litre working capacity, subject to mixture.Suggested for 5-6 portions.Timer.Removable pot.

General information:

Inner stainless steel bowl.Dishwasher Safe pot.1500 watts.Weight: 8.9kg.Size H33, W34.5, D34.5cm.Accessories included lids for the air fryer and lid for pressure cooker crisp and dehydrate tray pad for protection with storage covers, multi-level air fryer basket , and steam rack.Manufacturer’s 1-year warranty.

Multicookers and air fryers are among the most popular kitchen appliances of the past few years. If you’re struggling to find the kitchen area, then you could be trying to decide whether you should pick one or the other, however, the latest Instant Pot Dup Crisp equipped with Ultimate Air-Frying lid offers two of the most popular features and will help you choose.

Its Instant Brand is making air fryers for some years, but it was only recently that they added an air-frying option to the multicooker that is so popular. The most recent Instant Pot release is it’s called the Instant Pot Duo Crisp with the Ultimate Lid comes with a convection built-in and an air fryer lid as well as an ultra-light pressure cooker to allow you to utilize it like an old-fashioned multicooker: slow simmer, cook at pressure steam, saute, and more.

Being a regular consumer of the multicooker as well as air fryer, as well as an avid fan of everything that saves space, I tried the brand new 6.5-quart Instant Pot equipped with Ultimate Lid to check if it could accomplish the job of these famous small appliances. Although it was not a complete failure, the $230 model was heavier than the standard Instant Pot and didn’t quite seem to have the same zing as its predecessor, the air fryer lid. It was also difficult to clean and required the time to preheat before airfrying unlike other air fryers.For the price that it is I don’t think I’d suggest it over the previous generation Duo Crisp which is about $100 less. What I thought about the air fryer that is a hybrid and multicooker.

What is the DuoCrisp With the Ultimate Lid does

In contrast to any Instant Pot before it, the Duo Crisp with Ultimate Lid features an air fryer included in the lid. Due to this convection cooking component that allows you to air fry bake, broil, broil and roast — all of the cooking techniques that other Instant Pots don’t offer. Additionally, it has all the functions of the basic Instant Pot multicooker including pressure cook slow cook steam, saute and pressure cook.If you don’t have to fix (or locate storage space for) an enormous conical air fryer lid similar to duo Crisp but the user will need to insert the lid for the pressure cooker whenever you’re looking to pressurize as well as slow cook. But, the lid is extremely thin and light, measuring not more than 2 inches tall It shouldn’t be a problem to find a place for it.

What it does is function like an air-fryer

I made a few of my most-loved air fryer recipes using my Duo Crisp and its Ultimate Lid. The air fryer proved efficient once it was heated. This is the few air fryers I’ve tried that required an official time for preheat. In an air fryer at 400 degrees Fahrenheit it took approximately five minutes to preheat , which is in addition to the actual cooking time. I’m familiar with air fryers which do not require preheating, and it was a bit of a learning curve to.

Chicken thighs that have been fried A common air fryer recipe I’ve come to be very fond of is simple Fried chicken thighs. I’ll take two or three thighs, dip them into egg and then coat them with flour. I cooked them using my usual recipe for both the Duo Crisp as well as my personal Magic Bullet air fryer. I cooked them for about 18 minutes before flipping at midway. The results were quite similar, however it was evident that the Instant Pot needed an extra five minutes to heat.

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