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Jez hands: How Corbyn The Musical mocks the new kingof the left


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The idea of Corbyn, the Musical sounds amazing. However, this show opened at a London fringe theater and does not feature the leader of the Labour Party. Tony of Arabia and the Blair Musical had brief try-outs at the beginning of Blair’s third post-Iraq term. However, unlike their subject, it seems that they struggled to raise additional funds. Sir Harold Wilson was the party’s most consistent election-winner. He played a role in last year’s musical rendition of Made in Dagenham.

I cannot find any archival evidence of Gaitskell The Musical or James Callaghan and Gordon Brown. However, Brown has been the subject of many recent speech shows. It shares a lot of similarities with the two songs from last year’s Scottish festival. Boris: World King, where Tom Crawshaw, a dramatist, imaginarily imagined the rise of the current London Mayor to greater political responsibilities. Patrick Ryecart’s When Blair Had Bush and Bunga is a comedy in which Tony, George W and Silvio Bernlusconi plotted to go to war in Iraq while on holiday at Cliff Richard’s Caribbean villa.

Both Johnson and Blair are major characters in Corbyn The Musical. It is set after the next British general elections, when Boris is the leader of the opposition, and President Putin threatens to destroy London. This presents a problem for Britain’s surprise prime Minister, Jeremy Corbyn. He has promised never to push the nuclear button. Jezza is confronted with a dilemma when Blair offers him unwanted advice. Blair is portrayed as a Bond villain who travels the world advising countries on how to start wars.

This show is more about fancy than faction, as the armageddon scenario was partly created by a scandal involving George Osborne (and a llama). The musical is set in a satirical alternate world in which Putin’s brutal opposition against homosexual rights is rooted. It was something much more bizarre than Panama, which ended David Cameron’s premiership. Jen Green’s versatile operetta-to rock score features many musical numbers that are often surprising. Two big love songs are Corbyn’s hymn to “Islington!” as well as a song dedicated to Vladimir Putin, to honor the memory of the dog that the USSR sent to space. The Ministry of Defence civil servants are treated to a Gilbertian duet on the status of Britain’s nuclear defense. Half-rhymes, assonances like “Trident/violent” and “Clinton/inter” indicate that Friedman and Myers have a promising lyrical ear.

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