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Katie Kenyon: Man who claimed death of axe was an accident


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A man who admitted to the police that they killed a woman by accident by throwing an Axe at a tree admitted to murdering her.Andrew Burfield changed the plea in Preston Crown Court to admit murdering mother of two Katie Kenyon, who was struck an estimated 12 times by the axe.The court heard that the 51-year old killed Ms Kenyon on the 22nd of April. He put her body into an unmarked burial ground located in the Forest of Bowland in Lancashire that he dug up the day prior to.

The trial began on Monday, David McLachlan KC, prosecuting, explained to the jury Burfield was detained following the disappearance of the 33-year-old and was interrogated four times. Initially, he denied any information regarding her whereabouts.However he claimed that during Burfield’s final interview it was an “revelation” and his account of events was altered.

Vindictive monster

Burfield, who lives in Todmorden Road, Burnley, admitted to police that he took Ms. Kenyon for a visit to Gisburn Forest in the Forest of Bowland to have lunch and she “bet” him that he would not smash a drink container by using an axe.

The court heard him tell the police: “I went for the tree to the side of her and it struck her head on.”

He said she was struck with the back of the axe . He claimed there were no injuries but the jury heard the post-mortem report showed she was struck around 12 times.

Mr McLachlan stated that the an forensic doctor Dr Jamie Robinson had considered Ms Kenyon’s injuries, and concluded that Burfield’s assertion to be “completely absurd”.

Mr McLachlan stated that Burfield had obtained a ladder and a spade from his father just before the time he killed Ms Kenyon and drove into Gisburn Forest to dig her grave.His trial also found that the day before her death the deceased Ms Kenyon was able to send Burfield an email stating that she was “ready and eager for an exciting fresh chapter”.

The jury heard that in the early in the morning they had been filmed on CCTV driving within their Ford Transit and stopping off at McDonalds before heading to the forest.

The prosecution claimed that Burfield was able to spend just under 42 hours in forest and killed her and then buried her body.Analysis revealed that Ms Kenyon’s mobile was returning to the location around 11.15 BST.The jury was informed that Burfield later used the mobile for sending messages directly to him as well as Ms Kenyon’s children. He then left the message in a voice that said that he was “a bit concerned” about her.

In court, that Ms Kenyon’s daughter had sent her a text message at 12:18, and got a reply of two emojis of laughing faces, in a second message, she informed the girl that father was taking care of her.

The prosecution argued that those messages were all made following the fact that Ms. Kenyon was killed.A seven-day search for Ms Kenyon was concluded with the discovery that her remains were discovered by the police on the 29th of April.

The Detch Investigator Al Davies said Ms Kenyon’s family members had “suffered unbearable suffering and pain” from an individual who was “nothing other than a vengeful monster”.

“Not just has he killed Katie in a bloody and brutal incident, but the killer attempted to hide the body of Katie and has repeatedly deceived and altered his story in order to hide his shameful actions.

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