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Gochugaru is the main element in Kimchi the national dish of Korea and is widely consumed throughout the country. The dish is so widely-loved that no meal would be considered complete without some, and in turn no Kimchi would be complete without a healthy dose of gochugaru.Gochugaru’s flavour is smoky, sweet and fruity, and it has a hot kick which will delight all chilli lovers! In Korea it’s an essential element in Bulgogi (basically a barbecue-style of cooking in which it is cooked in marinades in ginger, soy sauce, vinegar, garlic, and gochugaru) as well as in stir-fries and is also used as a general-purpose spice in a variety of noodle dishes and soups.
The distinctive flavor of Gochugaru is getting more sought-after in the West and is used in the same way as many other chilli flakes. It’s particularly good when combined along with the other spice to make marinades for meats and fish, which can be cooked or fried. It is fantastic when it is added to the coating of Southern Fried Chicken.KOREAN CHILLI FLAKES Breville Blender. It’s a spicy chilli, and a small amount can go a long way.An essential item for those who is a fan of Korean food. It’s a fantastic addition to any kitchen!

Chillies & Paprika

This section is dedicated to our extensive selection of paprikas and chillies and we hope that you enjoy it as many as we love it! There is something for everyone here regardless of whether you’re an enthusiast of chilli flavor or chilli spice! If you don’t want excessive hot, you can find a variety of chillies that provide similar benefits without the flames, and will transform your meal into something special. They provide a wide variety of aromas and flavours to various kinds of foods. Mexican chillies like Ancho, Cascabel, Guajillo and Anaheim are mild and work well even if you don’t typically enjoy hot food. They are used to impart fruity sweet or smoky flavors to food items, and possess an incredibly mild heat that does not overwhelm. They are great in chilli con carne as well as any salsas and sauces that are tomato-based as well as Mexican cuisine all over. Of course, this section includes everything necessary for those who enjoy extremely hot food. Carolina Reaper, Scorpion and Naga are the Daddies you will find here!

If you are a fan of the flavor from chilli powder in your meals but want to lower certain heat making use of one of the more hot chilli powders, mix with a mild paprika until you reach the level you want for heat.Use chillies in moderation, even if you’re a fan of chillies like me. It is recommended to use a tiny pinch at first, and then add more later on if more heating is needed.The chilli powders we offer consist of pure chillies. no colouring is added .

Spice Blends

Every cuisine in the world includes a spice mix or blend that is distinctive or distinctive to that country and imparts the flavor of a country’s unique character to the dishes. Many are recognized as the national dish of a particular nation or region, like the Moroccan tagine mix or Portuguese the piri or piri.

Spice Mountain offers you the possibility to explore the world by offering a wide selection of spice mixes. All are blended by hand using only top quality ingredients. Spice Mountain offers blends from countries like Peru, Japan, Lebanon and Ethiopia along with more frequently seen examples.KOREAN CHILLI FLAKES Breville Blender.Our blends do not include salt or added ingredients We only use carefully selected herbs and spices, which provide the authentic taste and aroma. The different blends are designed for different types of cooking, which means there is something that will work whether you’re cooking, grilling, stewing or braising.

It is simple and quick to make Our blends are the ideal way to introduce everyone from all over the world to dinner!

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