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Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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Martin Lewis Warns Against the Cancellation of direct debits from energy bills since the price cap has risen.


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Consumer advocate Martin Lewis Martin Lewis, the consumer advocate for Martin Lewis, has advised households to avoid the cancellation of direct debits to pay their energy bills because the price cap will rise by 80% in October.Martin Lewis Warns Against the Cancellation. The regulator Ofgem has disclosed it is preparing to raise the cap on prices, intended to safeguard customers from unfair energy price increases, will increase to PS3,549 for the average household, which is more than three times higher than the level of last winter’s.

Following the announcement of the announcement of the new price cap on Friday the Money Saving Expert founder said that people could die if the government did not take sufficient aid measures.Need more help for the most vulnerable or those who are likely to be killed this winter because of inability to afford the 80 percent up to date energy price cap increase,” Mr Lewis said.

Offering more advice on support for those who are concerned after the announcement, Mr. Lewis presented a Q&A on YouTube where he advised that households not change their payment methods because direct debits depend on estimates of the usage.

Mr. Lewis stated that families who are considering changing their payments could be more affected over the long term.One MoneySavingExpert.com reader asked if she should cancel her direct debit and switch to paying her bill on receipt to control her finances better.

He reacted by advising against this by saying:

“You will get a immediate cash flow benefit from changing to pay on receipt of bills.In the long term, as you pay more per unit of energy that you consume You’ll pay more for bills.”Because if you overpay on direct debit you are entitled to that money back.”

At the current price the limit would be more than the threshold of PS5,500 per year by January and reach PS7,000 by April. Experts warned that the price of gas could rise in the future because Russia increases its pressure on vital supplies that are needed for energy by European countries. This could exacerbate the issues facing many families living in poverty who already struggle to make ends meet in order to heat their homes and electricity during the winter months.

At the current cap, households with lower incomes will have their earnings “wiped out”, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) stated. The foundation determined that a typical low-income family would have to pay nearly four times more in energy bills in 2023-24, compared to the previous year. Single parents will pay nearly two-thirds of their money after the cost of housing. The cost of energy for people with low incomes will be higher than 120 percent of their earnings. Middle-income families will have nearly five percent of their income be spent on electricity and gas which raises fears that businesses will fail as people cut back on their spending and save money on less essential things. The Chancellor Nadhim Zahawi has said that those on PS45,000 would need assistance.

Ms Dearnaley is a student trying to become a teacher, told me she was working on her laptop to the point that it was close to going flat and also turning her internet off from time to time “just to to save some electricity. It’s becoming absurd, she added. My standing gas bill has increased by two-thirds. The standing charges for electric bill has tripled. It’s really paying attention to every penny that happens to being tallied on your smart gauge. The food banks have become not uncommon and so the thought of frequenting these places more than I do is an overwhelming notion.

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