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Why do Medusa Tattoos becoming so popular?


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To the majority of people, Medusa is known as the snake-haired character from Greek mythology that could transform those whom she encountered to stone.But to some, Medusa is an individual with a more significant meaning – so that they’ve taken the decision to tattoo her.Medusa is one of the three Gorgon sisters along with her the siblings Stheno and Euryale and Euryale, however she was the sole mortal with her sisters considered immortal. They were the children of the marine gods of the past, Phorcys and his sibling Ceto.But what’s the background of Medusa Tattoos and what is the reason why been the Medusa TikTok phenomenon become to the top of the list? Here’s everything you should know about.

What is the story behind Medusa?

The majority of people recognize Medusa because of her appearance, as her hair is made from snakes. A most famous stories about Medusa is the legend of the mortal being executed by Perseus.In the tale it states that Perseus was given by King Polydectes Seiphus on a mission that was not easy to take Medusa’s head. Medusa.

Zeus’s son Zeus embarked on his quest with the help of the Greek gods. He received an emerald shield mirrored from Athena and the sword of Hephaestus and the sandals that had gold wings, from Hermes and the invisibility helmet of Hades.As Medusa was the only mortal sister, Perseus was successful in his quest to kill her using his sword from Hephaestus.The incident also witnessed Medusa give two babies through her neck, as Perseus ran away from the scene.

Why Medusa’s hair was comprised of snakes?

in Metamorphoses written by Roman poet Ovid in which he recounts the story of Medusa The poet states that Medusa was originally a gorgeous girl who was raped by Neptune in a temple which was owned by the Greek goddess Minerva.When Medusa, the god of wisdom learned about the incident and took revenge on Medusa by making her hair transform into deadly snakes.

In an article written by Elizabeth Johnson for the Atlantic, the English professor claimed she believed that Medusa is an “original ‘Nasty Woman'” in her argument that Medusa’s story was the romance narrative.In this article Elizabeth stated: “In Ovid’s tale, the god Neptune is seen by Medusa and is drawn to her and decides that because being a god, he’s entitled to her body

A brand new TikTok video has gone popular on the app, as the user claims she has a more profound meaning to his Medusa tattoo.

TikTokker @r.bree.xo showcased her tattoos with her words “A many people did not know the meaning behind the meaning of a Medusa tattoo. “If you did I am sorry you had to go through this. You’re so tough.”

In the comments section, people were perplexed about the significance of the tattoo. Others started sharing their symbolic tattoos that depicted the figure.Some variants of the legend of Medusa declare that her snake hair is actually an omen disguise, as it signified that other people were scared to get close to her, thereby protecting her from a sexual assault.

One TikTok user shared via the app: “That’s why a lot of people wear this tattoo. If they were victims. It’s a way of making yourself stronger, reclaiming the power you have. “Tattoos depicting the serpent-haired Greek depiction also challenge the stigma of victim-blaming such as when Medusa was called as a monster after her own brutal rape.

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