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Molly Mae Hague says her her boyfriend Tommy Fury ‘forgets’ she’s expecting


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Molly-Mae Hague has frightened fans by revealing about how her lover Tommy Fury ‘forgets’ that she’s pregnant.The couple, both aged 23 are in love since they first met in the show Love Island in 2019. They frequently have a break as Tommy’s boxing practice takes him to Dubai and that’s why Molly-Mae, who’s currently seven months pregnant, thinks he is unable to remember her growing bump.

The influencers announced they were expecting an infant in August in an adorable Instagram video. Alongside, a the baby emoji, they wrote: “I am excited for the adventures that we’ve not even thought of.’

Molly Mae’s openness, especially about her pregnancies struggles is refreshing to her fans, but her latest admission has shocked her. She spoke to Sports Direct, when Molly Mae was asked whether Tommy communicates with the baby, she said”No, I believe because the baby has been away quite a bit and occasionally forgets. “I’m like, “You do understand that I’m about 2 months removed from having a baby”. I’m just thinking that he needs to be reminded that the time he’s away is long.

She went on to confess that she was in awe of women with their husbands shopping for baby and other cute things’ while she and Tommy were forced to “literally chat via FaceTime’.Fans on Twitter expressed their concern about what they were about, particularly after the baby arrives with one tweet saying”It’s true that the presence of a person is unreplaceable. Think about the milestones of pregnancy and even fears that he’s not there and she’s all by herself even though she has family members around her.’

A few other fans also believe that he should put down the career on hold so that he can enjoy time with his wife as she gets pregnant. But, some say they’re fortunate to be in the financial situation’ that they’re in, and Tommy shouldn’t quit working since he’s helping his family.

The weekend before, Molly posted pictures from her baby shower. Tommy attended The celebration was an event that was glam with stars, the music, cupcakes, and the designer bag she got by her husband.

In the last month, this month, the Pretty Little Thing Creative Director disclosed that she’s working to be more active because her pregnancy has resulted in insomnia and sleepless nights. The director posted to Instagram stories to share”I’m trying to be more active since I’ve had a terrible time sleeping lately. I’m hoping that the exercise will aid in this. The woman also admitted that”I haven’t been able to sleep for one night since finding out that I was pregnant! I’ve mentioned it before, but I really feel as though I’m completely ready for the newborn night after my night of labor!

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