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NIO Cocktails Review


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About: NIO Cocktails was the idea from Luca Quagliano and Alessandro Palmarin and aims to alter the perceptions about drinks consumption in people of all ages. The company aims to be an innovator in the field of mixology by bringing top-quality cocktails ready to drink to every event and place. The idea behind NIO is straightforward: just shake it, then tear and and pour. NIO means Needs Ice Only, is founded on the idea of be able to drink your favourite drinks wherever you like, while ensuring the best quality in the recipe and the ingredients. Each of the NIO Cocktails boast the seal of approval from Patrick Pistolesi, Italian master mixologist and brand ambassador for many of the world’s most revered spirits companies, who is now regarded as one of the most outstanding bartenders in the world, according to The World’s Best 50 Bars. Pistolesi’s creativity is further emphasized by NIO’s partnership with the top spirits brands and producers around the globe. Sustainability is the guiding principle of the brand’s identity The iconic packaging is completely recyclable because of FSC-certified paper sleeves as well as the bags made of bioplastic that are 45.

Summer is the time of drinking in the heat of the sun. NIO is a delivery service that brings high-quality drinks that are ready to drink right to your door. I tried the drinks to determine whether they’re more effective than buying canned drinks Here’s my opinion regarding the drink.Get ready-to-drink cocktails. Cocktails that are pre-mixed have seen an explosion in popularity since lockdown due to their convenience being made in advance and packaged in a small size that is easy to carry to the beach, to the park, or anywhere else.The name NIO Cocktails literally means ‘Needs Ice Only’ and is an delivery service that provides 23 high-quality ready-to-drink cocktails that require only ice to drink. What distinguishes NIO distinct is the fact that each drink is created by a mixologist who is an expert, Patrick Pistolesi, who’s bar was named the 19th most popular in the world.

While most ready-made cocktails are sold in cans each drink comes in a tiny sachet that can be tucked away in a box that is letterbox-friendly and the customers are able to choose from up to three drinks in each box.Inquiring about whether this drink will be more flavorful than the canned drinks I’ve tried I decided to try the drinks to see whether it’s worth the effort


A six-drink box in a ‘Build a Box set of NIO drinks costs PS39 that is PS6.50 per drink. Alternatively, the box with nine drinks costs PS55 and comes out to costing around PS6.10 for a drink. You can also opt to select just 3 cocktails for PS22.50 including delivery, working into PS7.50 for a glass.Customers who are new to the service can join their email newsletter to get 15% off this, which makes the cheapest cost PS5.19 for nine drinks in a box that is the equivalent of the price of a happy hour at the bar.Although it’s not the cheapest cost and there are canned cocktails with lower prices but it’s an acceptable cost option. There are also gift boxes starting at PS23 to similar to the cost of a bottle of gin.

What is the process?

The site is easy to navigate and users have a range of choices for choosing their drink. You can choose “Build a Box” and choose their preferred quantity of drinks from a selection of 26 cocktails.There are plenty of themed and picked-up boxes available, such as the bestsellers package, Casa del Daiquiri. Once you’ve decided on your preferred option, you can make an order, and it will take up to four days to deliver it to your address. The delivery was extremely fast and arrived at my door within the next day or two. I was extremely impressed with the small size of the package and it was fantastic that it didn’t occupy the counter space of the table in my kitchen.I was equally awed to find that each drinks were contained in a small container that easily fits into my bag if were to bring the drink to a friend’s home.

Mixing cocktails

Making drinks was an simple process. All you need to do is shake, tear, and put the packet in glasses with ice and drink. It was simpler to make use of a pair of scissors to cut open the packet, but it was still an simple procedure.It definitely has the edge in terms of convenience and I was thrilled that I could mix a drink at my dining table and not having to worry about making mess.I was given a set of nine drinks, which contained the mix of NIO cocktails’ top sellers as well as special summer editions, and the most well-known cocktails.I was instantly impressed by the amazing flavor of the various cocktails and the fact that it was well-balanced. For classic drinks such as that of the Cosmopolitan the drink was sweet but didn’t taste overly of vodka. It it had a wonderful tanginess to it.

My favorite drink is the Negroni as I understand why this is among the top NIO cocktails. I was extremely impressed by how Vermouth, Gin, and Campari were blended and how deliciously bitter it was I sipped it slowly in order to take in the flavor.There are other special summer drinks such as The Tea Sour which is a combination of lemon juice and tea. It was sweet and had an sour flavor to it, and I was happy to be the first to experience an interesting cocktail at home. Though I’m not a fan of having Margaritas more the NIO’s version was a perfect blend of lime, salt and tequila, which did not feel salted in my mouth.

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