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r​i​c​h​a​r​d​ ​r​o​d​r​i​g​u​e​z​ ​r​o​l​l​e​r​ ​c​o​a​s​t​e​r​ ​r​e​c​o​r​d​s:A man that spent 112 consecutive days drinking, eating and sleeping


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For many people, taking a ride on the Big One at Blackpool Pleasure Beach is an incredibly scary possibility. The thought of doing two rides that go back-to-back is even more appealing. What about riding all summer long? That’s exactly the kind of thing American Richard Rodriguez did when He smashed his own personal records for longest amount of time spent on a rollercoaster,r​i​c​h​a​r​d​ ​r​o​d​r​i​g​u​e​z​ ​r​o​l​l​e​r​ ​c​o​a​s​t​e​r​ ​r​e​c​o​r​d​s.

In addition to a five-minute break every an hour Richard was on the ride for three months drinking, eating as well as sleeping in the 213ft 75mph ride.The incredible challenge was not a single event, but rather it was the culmination of a number of records that the lecturer established at this seaside attraction.He broke the first time in 1979 when he completed an hour-long relay in Blackpool and then returned in 1994, when he clocks up 549 hours Big Dipper.

Richard who was terrified of roller coasters as a youngster and returned to Lancashire in 1998, when his rival Normand St Pierre took on 670 hours of riding on a coaster at Montreal.That season, Richard chalked the record for 46 consecutive hours on the park’s Big Dipper ride, to make a new record of 1,013 hours.He was granted permission by the park’s managing director at the time Geoffrey Thompson to stay on the wooden roller coaster until he reached the 1,000-hour mark.Upon his achievement his ride, Mr Thompson stated: “Richard has shown incredible endurance by riding night and day in arid weather.

On behalf of the entire personnel and management of Blackpool Pleasure Beach and the hundreds of thousands of public members who have cheered him along his way, I wish to congratulate the man on his remarkable feat.”

Rodriguez added: Rodriguez said: “I’d like to thank Mr. Thompson and his family, the Thompson family, the numerous employees who have taken part in this world record-setting attempt and everyone else who have travelled for the Big Dipper and given me their steadfast moral support.”The daredevil made headlines in 2000, when he almos.doubled his record to astonishing 2,200 hours. r​i​c​h​a​r​d​ ​r​o​d​r​i​g​u​e​z​ ​r​o​l​l​e​r​ ​c​o​a​s​t​e​r​ ​r​e​c​o​r​d​s, When he began the epic adventure and spoke to reporters about it: “I guess I just enjoy a challenge, and I would like to break the record in the end. A ride lasting 2,000 hours is an excellent opportunity to commemorate the Millennium.

Then, in 2012, he resurfaced for one last attempt and this time he was aiming for his Big One, as he increased the record by 112 days, while also raising funds to support the charitable organization Give Kids The World which aids children who are suffering from life-threatening illnesses.

In all it was three-and-a-half months riding between May until September 19.As as drinking and eating the alcohol, diabetes-related Richard would take insulin injections during the ride. According to rules of the Guinness Book of Record rules that allowed him to spend five minutes every hour on the roller coaster that he would save to take a break of one hour every day and night and evening, where he would consume a larger meal than he could handle during the ride, or lay down for fifteen minutes.He was also able to pass during the ride through reading newspapers and writing pun-filled postcards that told people, “This summer break is experiencing its own ups as well as downs.”

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