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Santander Issues a Warning about Britons are targeted in a text-based Scam


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Santander is well-known on Britain’s high streets, with a lot of customers using services like mobile banking and online banking to enjoy their convenience. However, with the usage of these types of financial management growing and increasing, fraudsters are seeking to make use of this. Many of us are familiar with receiving notifications from their bank through text messages, but these days, cybercriminals are creating their versions of these messages that look authentic. Santander Issues.The message might appear innocent however, with a hyperlink in it, people might be enticed to click it to resolve the alleged problem. But, it’s an actual scam that uses the name of a bank that is well-known to target innocent people.

After clicking the link it’s most likely Britons will be asked to input their login information to access their account, or any other information that is sensitive.A lot of people believe this to be true, since cybercriminals frequently make their websites appear like the actual provider.But it’s just an elaborate method used by these scammers to obtain personal information to make money.Santander used its social media account to confirm this was a scam, and urged people to delete the correspondence.The bank also stated forwarding any scam text to smishing@santander.co.uk could help with a further review.Santander has been able to explain the scams that are taking place, which have unfortunately become commonplace in recent times.

The company said that criminals may employ a tactic known as number spoofing. This is the process where they disguise it like their message is from your bank. They could even have them appear on the same page as authentic messages.A legitimate bank will not contact an individual to inquire about their password, PIN number or ask to transfer funds into an account that is not their own.

Additionally people are advised not to divulge financial or personal information except to access an existing service that they have subscribed to the bank, according to the warning.Anyone who receives an unwelcome text message should also check out for warning indicators.

Attachments and links should be handled with caution It is not recommended to provide banking information following the click of the hyperlink.In the event that a text message requests someone to alter their the payment information, this shouldn’t be done prior to verifying the authenticity of the message and checking it against the source first.

And lastly

Santander has said if there’s any doubts in the mind of a person the person should not respond.In the alternative, Britons can act by independently calling the bank that has sent the message or email to their official number.Many people have exposed the scam on social media to alert others

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