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Shaykh Abdul-Aziz ibn Baz


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Abdul Aziz ibn Abdullah Ibn Mohamed was ibn Abdullah al-Baz, He was born in Riyadh during the years 1910 (Dhul Hijjah 12-1330) to the family of Islamic scholars. His father died when he was eight. Sheik Bin Baz was in a position to read the entirety of the Qur’an at the age of 11 years old. He lost sight when he was sixteen.He studied under Shaikh Muhammad ibn ‘Abdul Wahhab. In addition to the memorizing of the Qur’an He also learned the major hadiths and other important documents. His first position was that of a judge of Kharj between 1936 between 1936 and the year 1950. He was a professor at the Religious Institute of Riyadh and then at the Faculty of Shariah. He was appointed Rector’s deputy in the Islamic University of Madinah in 1950. He was elevated to Rector in 1970. A formal decree was made to appoint him as the president of the Administration of Religious Research, Ifta, Da’wah, and Guidance in the role of minister. Heikh Ibn Baz was named Grand Mufti in the reign of King Fahd during 1994.Ibn Baz had been a staunch patron of many Islamic issues. He encouraged Muslims to be with their brothers who reside within Palestine, Bosnia, Kosovo and Kashmir and also received his King Faisal prize for his service to Islam.

His Search for Knowledge:

Ibn Baz memorized the whole Ever-Glorious Qur’an before reaching the age of puberty He then sought assistance from the experts of Riyadh. When he advanced in understanding of the many features of Shari’ah and the Arabic language, he was appointed a judge in 1357 A.H. He never stopped in search of information and was always engaged in the field of research and teaching. the position didn’t deter him from thisand the judge became knowledgeable across a wide range of disciplines. He was particularly interested on the subject of Hadith and its science , in that his classification of Hadith as either strong or weak was considered , and only a small proportion of Hadiths attain this level of understanding in the present. His writings and Fatwas (legal opinions formulated by an experienced Muslim expert) because the views that he supported were backed by evidence.

He Shaykhs:

Ibn Baz acquired knowledge from a variety of the top scholars, such as:

Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Abdul-Latif is Abdul-Rahman Hasan was Shaykh Muhammad ibn ‘Abdul Wahhab Judge of Riyadh.Shaykh Salih ibn ‘Abdul Aziz ibn Abdul-Rahman Hasan Was Shaykh Muhammad Ibn ‘Abdul-Wahhab.Shaykh Sa’ad Ibn’Hamad Atiq is a judge from Riyadh.Shaykh Hamad ibn Faris, (Vice Chancellor of the Treasury in Riyadh).His Honourable Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Ibrahim ibn Abdul-Latif al Shaykh (who was the great Mufti in Saudi Arabia). Kingdom of Saudi Arabia). Shaykh Ibn Baz took part in and attended the learning circle for around 10-years. Shaykh Ibn Baz learned all the branches of Shari’ah between 1347 A.H. to 1357 A.H.Shaykh Sa’ad Waqqas Al-Bukhary was one of the scholars from Makkah whom Ibn Baz learned the science of Tajwid (reciting the Qur’an in accordance with the rules of Recitation) in 1355 A.H.

He is Influenced:

Since the time Ibn Baz was appointed as judge in Al-Kharj beginning in 1357 A.H., he gave regular lectures. In Al-Kharj the lectures were offered throughout the week long, with the exception of Friday and Thursday. He was influential to many students who wanted to acquire knowledge and learn and to acquire knowledge, such as

He Died:

Shaykh Ibn Baz (may Allah be merciful to him) Shaykh Ibn Baz (may Allah be kind to Shaykh Ibn Baz (may Allah be merciful to him) died on Wednesday of the 27th of Muharram 1420 A.H. when he was at the age of 89. He dedicated his whole life to the most intense effort to perform good deeds and gain knowledge, and plead with Allah in his fight for the Allah’s cause to fulfill the needs of Muslims and to help the needy. Please let Allah be gracious to him, accept his forgiveness, and grant him entry in his Spacious Paradise and ease his burden, allow him to be with Allah and be with us in the eternal home in His honour as well as Mercy.So many have performed the Funeral Prayer for his funeral following the prayer for Friday which proves that the man enjoyed the affection of many. The love the man received was awe-inspiring.

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