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Why and How Did Squidward Die :


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Squidward is among the most loved characters of the TV show Spongebob Squarepants.Why and How Did Squidward Die is a big controversy.

There’s an TikTok trend on him , where people are looking for information on How Did Squidward Die. In the beginning we did not know of the possibility that this show could take up as it became a TikTok phenomenon. This trend is, however isn’t appropriate for children and stands completely different from the portrayal of the character in the TV show.

Because the fashion of today is not a comedy the video is not appropriate for children. The term used to describe this type of video is “How Did Squidward die Video Challenge.”

The CrezyTheory’s Origin

There’s an internet phenomenon called “Creepypasta” that is the source for the making of this film.

“Creepypastas are a type of horror stories that have become well-known across the Internet.” These tales are typically short, user-generated with the intention of scaring viewers through the Internet. Since then”creepypasta,” as a word “creepypasta” is used to refer to any horror film that is based on the Internet. The theory that explains the answer to the question about Squaidward’s death has been described as the Creepypasta.

Creepypastas are legends about horror that have been shared on the Internet. They are usually short user-generated paranormal stories that are designed to scare readers.

One of the newest TikTok developments is that they let creators create a video of themselves. This video clip illustrates their reactions prior and post-reaction following a search online for this question.

What’s in The Video?

You’re brave, you’d like to know more why, and I’ll tell you that because it’s good to be afraid and having people share their experiences too. What is happening in this video

But, when the crowd cheered at him for his terrible show, the entire audience, even SpongeBob and Patrick appeared to be sporting eyes that looked red like those you get the ones you get when you cry for two hours.

Squidward is seen in his bedroom, embarrassed and ashamed, crying with his head resting on his knees. Although the crying didn’t sound like Squidward the crying sounded more like the ghost screaming or crying but I don’t know what it was.

How Old is Spongebob’s Squidward?

Squidward Tentacles is 44 years old and was born on the 9th of October 1977. He lives in the same house as Spongebob as well as Patrick as an human-like Octopus. He is featured in both Spongebob Squarepants and Patrick’s New Life as one of the main characters.


Squidward is sporting the same blood-dripping eyes that the crowd, and the screaming on the screen increases in volume. After the screaming ceases at the end of the video, a voice in deep screams “Do It!” from off-screen, and the camera pans to show Squidward sporting the shotgun in his mouth.

Squidward dies a few seconds after The camera pans again to show his body’s remains on the screen just before the episode ends.

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