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The 5 most inventive products that have ever appeared on Dragons’Den.


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Over the course of 17 seasons of Dragons’ Den The Dragons have been through hundreds of pitches that range from the surprisingly good to the downright ridiculous. Some items have become massive successes following their appearance during the series (whether they were able to get money from Dragons’Den or not) We believe that there are many unappreciated and overlooked inventions that merit an encore. This is not only because we’d like to get the chance to win some goodies sincere.

The Magic Whiteboard

It’s so simple that we’re shocked it didn’t exist prior to. Neil as well as Laura Westwood’s Magic Whiteboard allows people to cut whiteboards from rolls and stick them on any surface that is hard and make use of them as a normal whiteboard.

The company is still in operation and it is possible to purchase various variations of the product through the official website. The product has also been sold to over 20 countries, and is sold in over 500 retail stores across the globe.


Have your been on the go, and suddenly it’s spitting down with rain and you do not have an umbrella? The Umbrolly could have offered basic vending machines with inexpensive, sturdy umbrellas in all railway and underground stations throughout the UK. Imagine how wonderful this could be.

Unfortunately, Charles Ejogo’s partnership with the Dragons ended in failure following the show, however Peter Jones’ advice was followed to create an entirely new business that was not backed by his business partners. After working with investors and partners to create the first vending machine of a smaller size was launched in the late of 2007 and slowly expanded throughout Europe in addition to the US in the following years. Dragons’Den, In the year 2010, the UK division of the company closed, but Charles’s business offers consultative services and also overseas the sale of products and services to prospective as well as existing clients, so he’s still doing fairly good for himself. We’re not done.


We all enjoy a boiled egg at least once in a while. However, sometimes it’s difficult, what is boiling the water, making sure that the egg doesn’t break, and the subsequent muddy cleaning up. It’s all for a bloody egg. Okay, this isn’t the biggest first-world issue however, it’s still.

James Seddon came up with an amazing product that completely eliminated water and was able to boil eggs with little mess. However, despite receiving an excellent deal from the Dragons but the Eggxactly STILL hasn’t made it to the stores even after eleven years. Dragons’Den, It does have a pretty site where you can join for updates, but this appears like the kitchen equivalent to Superman Lives or the Sandman film that is in hell of development for the rest of time.


This one actually offers the possibility of saving lives, instead of offering us a water-free egg. Dragons’Den, This easy device allows children seatbelts to be adjusted in height to ensure that the belt doesn’t affect the child’s health, and it also prevents children from putting the belt underneath their arms.

After having a good sales record in several retail stores for a couple several years, the company was shut down in the year the year 2011. Unfortunately, the the inventor Peter Sesay later died from cancer.


It’s not the most attractive product to talk about. However, this small device not only lets you to connect all the wires that are loose and cables, it also eliminates the need for regular cable ties. This helps keep the environment clean and also keeping your desk space neat. Win-win. Following the agreement was signed, one of the top producers of plastics Hitachi-Maxell was able to secure a PS36 million contract for the Rapstrap which makes it among the most significant successful stories of the series.

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