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The Best Juicers for Celery Juice


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Are you looking to find the best Juicer that can make celery Juice?You need to consider two things–functionality and portability. If you’re predominantly extracting juices from celeries, a smaller juice extractor can do the job perfectly.After having a look at over one hundred juice extractors these machines have earned their.The Best Juicers for Celery Juice

Omega MM900HDS 

This is the summary version of the buying guide. Click those hyperlinks to read the complete analysis of each Celery Juicer. In the meantime, we’ll be reviewing your options further down. Omega MM900HDS is often referred to in the industry as “The Medical Medium” Juicer is currently our top juicer that masticates and in addition it’s the best Juicer to use with Celery.

The thing that makes it the top in its class was the perfect blend of cost and function. It’s a powerful juicer which won’t burn an ink within your wallet.

The product was designed by the brand specifically for the processing of these delicious stalks. You may be familiar with Omega 8006 juicer the product shares the same structure.

What’s new with the MM900HDS model is an adjustable celery cap. It is a bit tighter to ensure maximum yield when juicers are used celery.

Omega’s Celery Juicer is already inexpensive. If you’re looking for an even more affordable product then you may want to consider one of the Ninja Juicer Pro. It’s less than 100 dollars at the moment This buying advice is written by me.

In addition to being cheap and efficient, it’s also a high-performance machine that creates a bone dry pulp. It’s one of the most effective juice extractors that work well with leafy greens and is certain be a great choice for celery stalks.

But, I must be aware that the intake for the Ninja Juicer Pro is relatively small and narrow. It is necessary to cut the celeriac into small pieces to allow it to fit in a 1.5-inch chute. In addition it’s an ideal machine that is not only suitable to use for celeries, but also an array of other vegetable and fruits.

Kuvings Evolution is a Kuvings Evolution whole slow juicer caters to a specific segment of the market for juicing.There’s only one brand that can provide a stylish leather-like pattern, other than Kuvings. The EVO820 has many colors like dark silver, white black, dark red black champagne gold along with rose gold. You will never be out of fashion while you juice celeries.Kuvings is the leading company in the slow juicer market. They invented the technology which is why you should not expect anything more from the Korean maker of kitchen equipment.

Apart from the exquisite leather surfaces in addition, this Kuvings Evolution whole slow juicer has a variety of features aren’t found in lesser Juicers.It includes a free blank strainer, designed to be used for various other functions related to food processing. There is also the cleaning tools specifically made to clean the filter basket. It features a sophisticated design of the drum and chute to increase the juice extraction rate. Not to mention it comes with a citrus attachment that turns this EVO820 into a standalone electric citrus juicer.

Kuvings did more than expected in this product. The EVO820 is an excellent all-purpose juice extractor, ideal for celeries and other types of fruits and vegetables. It even helps in the making of almond and soy milk.

Omega CNC80 Series

Omega CNC80 Series Omega CNC80 Series is the cheapest product of the line of horizontal Masticating Juicers. It incorporates all of the beneficial characteristics of the top-selling Omega 8006, but with a modern appearance and a more spacious funnel design.

It’s a fantastic celery Juicer Machine, and it’s equally effective in processing different kinds of vegetables and fruits. The only issue with this model is the small feeding chute. Like the Aicok The AMR-521 or Hurom H101, it requires lots of prep time.

As with every Omega product You can count on it to include additional food processing capabilities. In addition to extracting juices it is also able to make baby food homogeneous, chop sauces as well as extrude pasta. It can also grind coffee beans, and even make dairy-free milk alternatives from soybeans or nuts.

Yield and Nutrient Retention

The efficiency of juice extraction and the retention of nutrients always are inextricably linked. This is that masticating juicers outperform centrifugal juicers with a large margin. Slow juicers always produce more celery juice, with a greater nutrient levels because of the low amount of oxygenation.After examining all kinds of juicers, I figured the vertical slow juicers are most convenient to operate and easy to clean. This is due to its tiny components that don’t need much upkeepand are simple to operate and use.

In this particular area there is nothing that can be able to beat Hurom H200 and Hurom H101.


If you’re only drinking celery juice, then you might choose smaller models that don’t require a lot of counter space. A small juicer may be useful for those who are always moving. The kind of juicer that will fit that type of profile is vertical slow juicers.Peripherals: A model that has a long cord can give you greater flexibility. If you don’t have a power outlet right next to the counter, this shouldn’t be a problem.

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