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The life-long existence of Homo sovieticus


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This week’s election and turmoil in Russia demonstrate how difficult it has been, twenty decades after the system was shattered for the country to erase the traces of its Soviet past.TWENTY years to the day after the Soviet Union was dissolved and a swarm of youngsters have taken to streets in Moscow and protested against the government’s United Russia Party (“the party of thieves and crooks”) and shouting “Russia without Putin!” Hundreds have been detained and the military has been shifted into the center of Moscow “to provide security”. While the numbers are way from the half-million people who flooded the streets to mourn the remains of the USSR and its leaders, they are the largest protests in recent times. The initial reason for the incident was the manipulation in the elections for Parliament that took place on December 4th (see the article). However, the root of the problem lies further back.

The current regime was beginning to lose its legitimacy when Vladimir Putin, Russia’s prime minister, declared a triumphant win for “stability”, promised to return to the Kremlin as president and vowed to create an Eurasian Union with former Soviet republics. The Soviet flavor of was emphasized at the United Russia’s party congress in the middle of November, when Putin was nominated to the presidency. “We need a strong, brave and able leader …And we have such a man: it is Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin,” said filmmaker. A steelworker at the conference told that the Russian Putin was the one who “lifted our factory from its knees” and aided the company “with his wise advice”. A single mother of 19 children thanked Putin for an “bright future”.

Homo Sovieticus is a USSR from the Mind

Director Ivo Briedis and journalist Rita Rudusa were both born in the Soviet Union. Together they set out on a quest to discover the concept of HOMO SOVIETICUS. They are interested in knowing whether a totalitarian ideology is still prevalent in nations that were members of the Soviet Union.The philosopher Alexander Zinoviev defined Homo Sovieticus an individual who is at base an opportunity seeker. They are not rebels against their leaders and are determined to assume the least personal responsibility feasible. These traits were developed specifically due to being raised during the Soviet Union, or can they be developed in any other society?

To discover how they communicate, they have to talk with people who were during the Soviet regime and also with people from the post-Soviet generation.The word is a pseudo-Latin/dog Latin and is a humorous reference to the common Joe who lived within the Soviet Union and was viewed by some political zealots to be the next step in the evolution of humankind, and neither is this being a product of Marxism. Marxist social experiment, by any means, gone.

The homo sovieticus was inactive and submissive instrument who waded and waited within the bureaucratic stream and who’s main traits included apathy, alcoholism, and a complete disregard for common property and work and shied away from any personal accountability. There was activity in the above alcohol consumption and loss of the property of others in the latter instance the goods stolen were sold off and the extra revenue was utilized to purchase products that could be purchased on the black market for sale at very high prices because of the chronic shortage of specific goods.Sovok was also a total ignoramus, who believed in blindly believing everything was propagandized by the government or else the coercive power was a lot stronger, even with the help of barbed wire, could be a lot more weakened.

Homo sovieticus is not going to admit any wrongdoings that they committed and will never pay for any damage and that is consistent, and neither has the Mongols not done this even while they were squatting on the Slavs for nearly a quarter of an millennium.Today the fundamentals haven’t changed in the mentality of homo post-sovieticus since it’s in their genes and Putler’s propaganda apparatus is able to provide information in such a way that independent thinking is not necessary.

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