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The Whitaker family: terrifying secret


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The family is located in the town of Odd which is located within rural West Virginia.

Certain people in the Whitaker family suffer from physical and mental disorders. Some of them communicate using grunts, and are unable to speak.

They are protected by their neighbors. Their relatives aren’t happy with the people who ridicule them.

In the past over the years, he visited the Whitakers but he did not record video footage.

In 2020, he had the opportunity to film a documentary about the family, and their life and their relationships. The documentary has been viewed on YouTube more than 28 million times.

The father of her mother was an coal mining worker she says, while her mother stayed at home.

Laita is the interviewer on the porch of the family Sometimes she goes inside to show the real-life of their home.

Although the four dogs in the family seem well-behaved However, some Whitakers seem to be wearing dirty, dirty clothes as well as living spaces. A few family members appear on camera wearing dirty, unfitting clothes.

Laita inquired of Betty about the mental and physical issues her family members are suffering from, but Betty denied knowing the cause.

In a different video, another cousin, Kenneth, is asked the same question. Particularly discussing the problem that every family member have when their eyes aren’t directed towards the forward. It could be due to coal mining.

Physical Anomalies Of Whitakers:

Mark’s observations revealed many things. The first was that the mental health of three members of the family was not very stable. For instance, Ray used to grunt throughout the day without a reason.

Furthermore, Timmy and Lorraine also were not sane people. The financial situation that the household was in was poor. It was shocking that someone could live like that.

Research suggests that an abnormal state of the body and mind comes from having children that are inbred. In addition to the cognitive impairments various mental illnesses and heart-related issues are a common occurrence.

The Causes of Inbreeding in West Virginia

There is a belief that the practice of inbreeding that took place in some parts in West Virginia were the causes of the extreme poverty. Old photographs give an impression of the shabby and the poor conditions of children.

Today, the anti-incest statute prevails across the majority of West Virginia. However, this does not stop breeding to this day. In different regions, people are legally married to their first cousins and carry on the practice of interbreeding

Mark Laita offered the Whitaker family meals and cash to show his good intentions. Mark Laita writes about it to be honest about my interactions to the families, I gave them soft drinks and pizzas and also paid them nicely and it can be a big help in southwest West Virginia where the average annual income is just $12K per year in certain counties. This was my fourth time visiting and I’ve presented the family with an annual financial gift.


There is a good chance that they have a close connection to certain powerful people. However, why do they live the life of a pop star? This will remain an unanswered question for the rest of time.

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