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There are More Wheels than Doors in the World


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In the infamous wheel vs. doors argument, the wheels could be the obvious winner. There’s a valid reasons to believe this. In the moment that Kiwi Ryan Nixon asked Twitter users to tell them if they believed there were more wheels or doors around the globe He probably didn’t think he was going to launch an online battle. However, that’s exactly what transpired on March 5 as users of social media as well as mathematicians, statisticians and statisticians all attempted to solve the seemingly intractable mystery. The super-app for car insurance comparison Jerry will be here in order to stop the argument. As the experts in all things automobile-related, we’ve learned some things about wheels. And we’re here today to prove that yes that there’s more wheel than door.

What are the doors around the globe?

Without going too deeply into the numbers, we could estimate that there are 33 billion doors around the world, connecting houses and apartment buildings, cars as well as the cabinets as well as closets and other rooms inside them. That’s quite a number of doors! What does that mean against the wheels? Let’s look.

How many wheels do we have around the globe?

It’s almost impossible to determine an exact amount of the wheels on the world. In reality, we’re making ever more and have been doing so ever since the invention of the first wheel about 3500 BCE. A total of 152,971 passenger cars were produced in the year 2020 in the year 2020 alone (that’s 17 seconds! ) In addition, Hot Wheels produces close to 15 cars per second! That’s not even counting all the wheels used every day for grocery carts, airplanes, office chairs, and other non-Hot Wheels toys. For a fair estimation of the amount of wheels around the globe we’ll break down the different kinds of wheels.


The first automobile that had three wheels, the Benz Patent Motor Car, was created in 1886. Ever since wheels have been an integral feature of everyday life. It is estimated that there are 1.446 billion cars on the world currently. Add four to that times the number of wheels found on an average modern passenger vehicle is 5.784 million wheels. “But I’m waiting,” you say (in an abrasive, anti-wheel tone). “Don’t all automobiles have the same amount of wheels and doors?”

The majority of the automobiles produced around the globe include four-door SUVs, sedans as well as other vehicles that have an apparent ratio of wheel-to-door of 4:4. For example it’s the Toyota Corolla, the best-selling car ever, and with 37.5 million sold units, comes with the four-door design and has four wheels. That’s a wash, isn’t it?

Wrong. Many cars come with the same number of doors as tires, but wheels are a different thing. In the end, every vehicle has an steering wheel. The gears that drive your engine? They are also wheels. Actually, your vehicle is filled with wheels, both small and big and they certainly outnumber doors.

If we remove those four major wheels and restrict our number to transmissions and steering wheels this is the average of six wheels for each car. If you do the math, you’ll be talking 8.676 billion wheels, which is more than human beings, and that’s not even counting doors to go through!

Toy wheels

Toys are a different wheel source, ranging from Hot Wheels cars to LEGOs to Tonka trucks Razor scooters that Fisher-Price popper toy which toddlers can play with.

Hot Wheels alone has sold more than 6 billion vehicles that’s roughly 24 billion tiny wheels all over the world. And these miniatures do not have doors that work so that each of them remains in the country. Its Tonka sells millions of miniature construction vehicles, and has more than 15 million units sold of the famous Yellow Mighty Dump Truck alone. We’re looking forward to 60 million more wheels.

It’s not that difficult, but adding the sales of each toy company is too daunting at this point for anyone else. Suffice it to say that if the gears-and-steering-wheel argument didn’t convince you, the toy industry produces enough wheels every second to outnumber the world’s doors without a sweat.

Motorcycles and bikes

Sometimes, two wheels are all you need. Ask the bikers and cyclists! Bicycles have been in use for a long time German creator Karl von Drais patented the first bicycle in 1817. there are more than 1 billion bicycles around the world currently. Motorcycles however were developed by the German engineer Gottlieb Daimler in 1885. there are only 49 million people riding them today. Between motorcycles and bicycles We add about 2 billion wheels, and that’s not even counting gears!

Other wheels include grocery carts, trailers and furniture

Between toys, cars and other vehicles with wheels It’s clear that wheels have more doors than wheels. But if you’re not convinced, look around your house and around your neighborhood. have you got you a chair for work in your living bedroom (thank you for working from home)? It’s about five wheels. Hand trucks, shopping carts trailers, baby strollers all come with wheels (and without doors). If you’ve got furniture that has wheels, they are also considered wheels. And in the event that we’re getting technical each drawer that slides within your home needs at least two wheels in order to function.

The final line

We’re not even close to an exact estimation of the total number of wheels around this world but that does not matter. We’ve already identified more than a potential 37 billion wheels across the world. That’s greater that the total number of doors.

What country is home to the highest number of wheels?

The title could be given to China which is home to around 302 million vehicles in all (not including other sources of wheels). However, tiny San Marino might have the largest concentration of wheels in the world with 1,263 cars per 1000 people. The nation that drives the least, on contrary is Bangladesh with just 4 vehicles per 1000 people. If you’re in the United States, you’re probably thinking that you’ll find the greatest number of vehicles in L.A.–and it’s not far! The statistics on car ownership indicate that the nearby city of Murrieta is actually the city with the highest level of car ownership among all US city. The city that is driving the most however is (of of course) New York City, in which the MTA operates throughout the day to take New Yorkers across in the 5 boroughs. At the bottom of each New York City subway car in the midst of the trash and rats, are eight magnificent wheels.

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