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Thousands of customers of NatWest were twice charged for a Visa card glitch.


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Customers of NatWest have complained about being pushed into overdrafts after they were informed by the bank that a payment glitch caused some accounts to get accidentally charged twice. Customers claimed that their balance was reduced by the error which displayed some Visa debit card purchases twice. This led to them being forced into an overdraft while the bank tries to fix the problem.

The problem has been ongoing since the early hours of this morning. NatWest responded to customers frustrated by the issue via Twitter, saying that their team was “working hard on the fix”, but couldn’t give any further details on the timeframe for resolution. One customer was furious that the double payments made over the weekend had “wiped” his account and sent him into an unarranged overdraft.

They stated: “Double payment from weekend wiping account and putting into unarranged overdraft that I had to get out, and don’t know if you’re going to charge me for your error on my part and when money will be coming back to us. Another complained that NatWest had experienced a glitch, and it appears like transactions have been doubled.

A customer received another message stating that the problem affected transactions “around May 7”. A spokesperson for NatWest stated that they were aware that some NatWest customers are showing two Visa debit card purchases, and that in some cases their balance may be lower than necessary.

“We are working to resolve the issue and will ensure that customers are not left out of pocket. Customers can rest assured that payments to merchants/retailers have been made only once so they don’t need to contact us. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. NatWest stated that certain debit card purchases were showing twice on its service status page, which could affect the balance.

The issue appears to only affect debit cards and not credit cards. Other aspects of online banking, payments, and other services are unaffected.

Customers affected by the crisis are advised to contact the bank for assistance, but warned that it could prove more difficult than usual to reach customer service. NatWest has contact numbers and other ways you can get help.

What rights do I have if I am charged twice?

Although it is not yet clear how customers will be reimbursed, NatWest has said they will make sure they are covered. You should gather evidence to prove that there were problems. This will allow you to make a formal complaint to your bank.

Keep a record of any credit damage caused by late payments or inability to make transactions. You should make note of the name of anyone you speak to to resolve the problem. Also, take down their phone number and the time you spoke with them.

NatWest and RBS can be contacted in person or online. This is how you can do it at NatWest or RBS. Think about the amount you expect to get and when you expect it to arrive. Include it in your complaint.

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