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Time Keeping Importance In Your Company


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Working entails many benefits that the employees should have for them to work properly as a reward basis is common in the work setting. You make the question if you compensate workers for hours beyond those they put in? or as an employee, do you like to be paid less than what you worked for? You may believe this because you have a policy on employee timekeeping. You cannot, however, ensure that everyone will comply without a method for recording employee time. This article will focus on how you will make sure that you’re tracking their time and the ways how you will do it. So, if you’re still thinking if you’re doing it right or wrong, this should persuade you if you need more evidence of the significance of employee timekeeping: 


Reporting your time at work is important because this will be the basis of how much the company or business will pay you at the end of the month or even the day. There was a period when reporting an employee’s work hours was done manually on paper. This is the common way of recording the time of each employee and some of these are even manually checked by supervisors, but sometimes there are no checkers present to verify the veracity of the information provided. As you could expect, there was a lot of time theft and unpaid overtime. This shouldn’t be the case because salary for the employees is one of the priorities in the business and saving something in the budget or losing something will always be the same as there will be employees who will discover that they’re underpaid, or the management will discover the employee who cheats these time cards. This should be taken care of ahead of time.

However, alternatives for recording time and attendance have changed since then. As many methods were done in the digital age of the business industry. Today, the majority of businesses manage time and attendance using employee timekeeping software. This became a trend as this is more efficient and saves time for everyone. 


As technology evolves, companies are forced or used this to get an edge in the industry and the finest practices for employee timekeeping are included in timekeeping software. The more basic program merely functions as a timesheet. This will record the basic information of the employees who entered and exit the company or business that they work into. Employees manually record their arrival and departure from work as well as the time they spend doing daily activities. Time tracking is possible with more capable employee timekeeping software. It provides automatic timekeeping utilizing the computer clock of a worker. This will also encode if they are late, overtime, or undertime in work. Employee work actions between initial login and final logout are recorded by time tracking software. They can also do this without the supervision of anyone as this is recorded manually but will still be assessed by the software if they entered it correctly.


After implementing this type of system in your company, or if you’re an employee and you want your time to be valued, you’ll notice rapid gains everywhere when you use staff productivity tracking software. these are just a few advantages of tracking software:

  • Puts an end to false timekeeping – this is the most important aspect of this software as this is evident in the days when timekeeping is not supervised properly and with this method, time will be no problem in the whole business process.
  • Boosts productivity – productivity is important in a company because this will also be the basis of how the whole company performs and with this system, the time and the efforts of the employees will be valued, and bonuses can be given to those who strive the hardest which should be common in businesses.
  • Reduces absenteeism among staff – this is not to instill fear in the employees, but this should be implemented as it is accustomed in all businesses as attendance and time are precious in the process.
  • Reduces the processing time for timesheets – efficiency is important when it comes to businesses and this is one of that small time reliefs that gives less hassle for both owner and employee, especially for recording purposes.
  • Monitors staff compliance –  this is also good when tracking the overall performance of employees and All of the wage and hour regulations are set down under the Federal Labor Standards Act (FLSA). By implementing a time and attendance monitoring procedure, you may reduce your chances of being sued. This is the thing the companies should focus on the most as this is the ethical way of treating employees and they are humans too. That is why everything is recorded and balanced so that employees have ample time to reach out for their personal needs.


Being truthful is best when it comes to business and according to research, 67% of businesses that use automated tracking believe they are safe from time theft. This is important because this will be a good basis for everyone who will apply for jobs and will look to this type of system even though it lacks 33%. The following list of five recommended practices for time and attendance tracking includes:


This will certainly reduce misconceptions regarding attendance and time. Establishing this as a company-wide policy will make sure that working hours, breaks, and penalties for breaking the rule will be recorded accordingly will be assessed. So make sure that you will make a procedure to guarantee that the policy is explained to and understood by all new workers as this is important.


Always make sure that your HR staff, supervisors, and employees are familiar with FLSA regulations. Easy registration for the wage and hour compliance training. This will save time for them especially if they informed the employees of their obligation when it comes to timekeeping and that they will be more cautious of all the rules set by the company.


Always remind yourself that the FLSA outlines every piece of data you must get from employees for payroll. Ensure that your personnel tracking system includes such data fields as this is important especially when. They are already working and there are times when the benefits of their labor are not given to them because of wrong information. Mistakes in front-end data entry almost always lead to mistakes in the back end.


Setting a date for transitioning to an automated system is important as old-school systems have flaws that are already corrected by software. From that moment on, exclusively use timekeeping software to manage employee time and attendance. Keep tabs on system performance and apply the required upgrades.


Setting up this type of system in your company saves time for your HR staff to record the overall performance of the employees and helps them assess the production or service that they do for the company. The team can also focus on other concerns like this specific concern from lordping.com. Always make sure that you innovate in this aspect because having this efficient timekeeping system can save you resources.


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