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TK Maxx worker reveals ‘secret codes’ for securing the best price


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Former TK Maxx worker has revealed the secrets that shoppers must be looking for in order to score the best price. The former head of merchandise Daniel Baker shared all his tips and tricks in a brand new documentary which reveals the truth about what happens behind the store’s doors.

Daniel revealed the secrets in the documentary of Channel 5, TK Maxx: How do they do it? which will air on Sunday. The documentary TK Maxx fans are offered a glimpse into the way the store is run as former employees share the secrets of their profession. One of the techniques to be discovered is to be aware of codes on every TK Maxx label and the numbers one two and seven being the ones to keep an eye on for reports from the MEN.

In the forthcoming document, Daniel said: “On any label, you’ll see an identifying number. The number that’s really interesting to a buyer is the second one because it indicates that it’s real stock that was purchased at a much higher cost elsewhere. It’s surplus stock or similar which is usually the case when you’re buying bargains.”

As per Daniel who wrote the article, these numbers generally vary from one to nine, however “quite some” aren’t utilized as frequently, and some are more important to shoppers than others. Two of them are said to be the most useful number for those looking to buy at a discount.

Daniel said: “The main three codes you’ll find comprise one, two and seven. One refers to the fact that it was made for TK Maxx, two means it’s a ‘close-out purchase’, which means it’s stock they’ve gotten for sale, and isn’t sold by other brands. Seven is “packaway” that means it’s been packed to be used in the previous year, such as Christmas crackers purchased in January to be used for the next year.

“You will get price for an original. It could be that the volume they’re producing allows them to price it lower. The best bargains, you are two and a seven. This is also part in the search for the hidden treasure whenever I went to a shop since I’m constantly thinking “oh this is a type two it’s a great deal there.”

The documentary provides an explanation of the code, which typically appears on the right-hand part of the label and is a single code with a zero at the end of it. The program also gives understanding of the deals that are made with various companies, including Calvin Klein and Le Creuset and what amount of stock is ordered to TK Maxx.

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