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UK is at risk of falling into a “dystopian” economic collapse, Johnson’s former deputy


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The UK is in danger of a ‘dystopian economic collapse’ due to the conflict within Ukraine along with sanctions against Russia as per his former deputy. Western leaders have froze the assets of the central bank of Russia and have barred individuals and companies from working with the bank, Russia’s finance ministry , as well as the wealth fund.UK is at risk of falling into a “dystopian” economic collapse.

Large Russian businesses, and also the state, too, have been prevented from raising money, borrowing money , or putting funds in the UK. UKIndividuals are also being targeted and there are restrictions to the kind of products that are allowed to be shipped to Russia. Businesses have also stopped operations in Russia including Apple or have removed Russian products off UK shelves.Sir Alan Duncan has stated that the UK could be in danger of falling into an “dystopian financial collapse” due to concerns over the import of gas from Russia.

The former deputy of Boris Johnson in his former post at the Foreign Office told BBC Radio 4’s Today program: “There is this auction of anger, which we all fully know, in regards to anything that has to do with be associated with Russia. “So they are going to ban this, ban that, and ban everything else, but at the end of the day we’ll be forced to ban our own supplies.”Now We, naturally are trying to degrade Russia as a vital weapon in war. But we don’t want hinder ourselves to the point that we’ll be sucked into some sort of dystopian economic collapse. We’re on the brink of this.

Today, for example there are subsidiary companies of Gazprom which aren’t recognized, but are incorporated in Russia and are, however, included in one case in the UK that are vital for the smooth flow in the gas.”

Former Conservative Foreign Office minister has advised that the UK is at risk of an “dystopian economy collapse” due to concerns over the availability of gas via Russia.Sir Alan Duncan, who has also been a trader in energy and energy trader, has said “we need to draw an emergency line” to ensure the sustainability of the supply of gas across Europe.

The president warned the Ukrainian government to be wary “not to condemn ourselves” amid calls for additional sanctions towards the Kremlin for its brutal assault on Ukraine. UK is at risk of falling into a “dystopian” economic collapse. This comes just after US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said a ban on the imports from Russian oil was a “very engaged discussions” However, the possibility of sanctions on natural gas is believed to be far less likely.

According to figures from Eurostat according to Eurostat, about 25% of Europe’s oil imports and about 46 percent of its gas comes from Russia in the beginning of the year. The UK is not as dependent to Russia for both, but the prices are similar to those of Europe.

In announcing changes in the gas industry on Monday Sir Alan spoke to that BBC Radio4’s Today show that the cost was nearly doubled in the last two to three hours. “That is now returning and I’m certain it’ll be able to settle even more however, it’s a lot greater than it was at the start of the weekend.” said the doctor.

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