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Why the UK is currently looking like an especially good place to launch a tech start-up


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Start-ups are always springing up in every corner of the world. They are usually created to fix a problem or bring new designs into the market. While any country can create a new start-up, the UK is currently one of the best places to launch a tech start-up. Let’s look at why the UK is becoming the preferred choice and what you need to do to succeed.


Advertising is a big part of any start-up, especially when you have products and services ready to sell. Thankfully, there are many ways that you can advertise, but some companies have useful tools and advice that can help you with your advertising objectives.

One example is the Clear Start Programme which helps new businesses get the best from their advertising campaign. Getting people to see your ads can be the most difficult part, so any help that you can get will increase the likelihood of your ads getting seen.

Availability of Talent

One of the big advantages of having a tech start-up in the UK is the talent that is available. Around 34% of employees who work in the technology sector in the UK are skilled. When you compare that to the USA, which is 24%, then you can see why tech companies will prefer the UK. In fact, the technology talent pool is particularly growing in the North of England.

It also means that there is a larger pool of talented people in the UK who will be looking for technology companies. This is where you need to look at the benefits of working for your company to see if you can become a favourable option over other tech companies.

Funding Availability

The government in the UK has always tried to encourage new businesses from setting up in the UK. There are now a number of schemes that are funded to help new companies in the form of tax breaks and investments.

This will make the UK a tempting place to start a business and make it a base for international sales and services.

Part of this funding is the UK government’s initiative to develop entrepreneurs by encouraging angel investors. Those who do decide to invest, will get tax relief if they do, so it is a winning combination for both sides.

Larger Clients

Because of the talent pool available in the UK, along with the financial help, this will help start-ups attract larger clients. Larger clients will help a new business grow faster and get a regular cash flow.

Larger clients will also be able to recommend clients to your company if they see that you are providing good products or services. Many clients will also prefer to use companies in the same country as them for ease of use and working in the same time zones.

Final Thoughts

The UK has a number of advantages for any technology company that is considering making a base there. Not only is there a strong pool of talented people to choose from, but there is also a strong network of clients and attractive financial incentives that will help your business grow and prosper.


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