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Increase in the WASPI Pensions for the state as the investigation progresses to the next phase


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WASPI Woman Patricia Morgan challenged Liz Truss regarding her plans to pay women who are seeking compensation for the effects changes to state pensions caused. The frontrunner to become the next Prime Minister said she was sympathetic with the women , but suggested that compensation was not likely, because “it is very difficult to return back.Waspi women, also known as Women Affirming State Pension Inequality is women who are fighting for compensation for 3.5 million women from their age who were born during the 50s, who were required to work for up to six more years than was expected.

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The report also stated that in 2006, the DWP suggested writing each woman individually to inform them about the new changes to the age of state pensions however, they “failed to act promptly,” labeling each “maladministration”.WASPI Pensions .WASPI has for a long time stated the women who were born during 1950s have suffered financially because of legislation passed in 1995, the Pensions Act and subsequent legislation that increased the pension age for state women born after April 6, 1950.The Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman stated: “Women complained to us that DWP didn’t adequately inform them of the changes.

Campaigners are furious that they were not given adequate notice of the changes that has seen their retirement age rise between 60 and 65 and then rise to 66 by 2020.The Parliamentary & Health Service Ombudsman has decided in their favor and said that they are entitled to compensation. Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) should have sent separate letters to the women affected 28 months prior to when they finally got them out.However in spite of this decision, Waspi women are still seeking compensation that they feel is their rightfully.Waspi female Patricia Morgan pressed the Tory leader candidate and asked if she would consider reviewing her demands from Waspi campaigners.

She added: “We’ve had the rug taken away from us after a lot of us entering the labor market when we were 20 21, 22, – we worked for 40 or 45 years, and then we’d be waiting another six years to get the pension was promised to us when reached 60.Boris Johnson who was sitting in the same shoes as you, told us he’d look over this injustice from a fresh perspective. and he added that there was no magical money tree, however there has been a real orchard in the last few years.

The money has served to pay for everything and we feel cheated. We feel undervalued and find it difficult to believe that a nation that treats its old people this way is not a society which values the contribution that we’ve made. Although Ms. Truss evidently sympathized with the suffering of these women, she acknowledged that the situation was likely to remain the same under her administration. This is a serious issue, and one thing I’ve stated I’ll examine our overall tax system to make it more fair to families, people who have to take time off of working to care for children or elderly relatives.To be truthful with me, and I’m willing to be truthful, in the particular case of the Waspi women I don’t believe the situation was handled properly in the past, and I’m sure of it and that there wasn’t enough respect given, however I believe that where we are today, it’s extremely difficult to change the situation. But, not everyone was in agreement with certain readers who believed that women’s age for state pensions should be similar to that of men.

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