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Weatherman Owain Wyn Evans lets the lid lift on his wedding day he’s always dreamed of


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A flamboyant Weatherman Owain Wyn Evans got married to his partner Arran Rees during a wedding day that was dominated by Welsh cakes.The couple asked their families to provide an air of homey to the ceremony and they nearly got swept away by the bach of pice. “We requested our families to contribute by providing Welsh accents,” Owain said.”You should have seen the number that was served of Welsh cakes. We had 160 guests at the end of the night, but we could have served 500 people.. “There was cakes as well as brth all over. There were a lot of Welsh cakes. We were in a trance of Welsh cakes.”The three-year-old along with his girlfriend, 28 who works for the V&A were unable to find the space. “We needed to consider the logistics due to the huge amount of Welsh cakes,” the BBC presenter said.”They were kept in storage and we replenished the cakes as they fell.

We went to pick up our belongings after which the lady told us that we’ve found a few Welsh sweets.’ “We have taken them, and now my freezer is filled with them and bara brith.”After the ceremony in Wandsworth Town Hall the couple went out with a two-decker that was decorated with white ribbons before heading to the reception venue held at Brunswick House.

The bus we booked was an older Routemaster to transport our group from Vauxhall to Vauxhall,” Owain said.”It was an old , vintage bus, and since London is awash with tourists, people spotted this bus with white ribbons and snapped pictures.”It added a lovely end for the occasion. Prosecco was at full-flow in the coach.” “Any shorter, and it would have been suitable for those who don’t have English as their primary language.”It was both in and out and it was excellent. It was very effective.”

The couple were keen to “keep the party to the party, not all the romance that comes with going down the aisle”.The main focus was having a fun,” Owain said.Both of their families attended the wedding – Arran’s family is family from Ammanford while Arran’s is from Merthyr.

Through the years, you will meet lots of people, however there are some people that are significant to you. “We enjoyed ourselves to the max because everyone we had in mind attended.”

However, Owain admitted that there were tears during the ceremony. “Arran seems to be the less laidback member of the duo and I’m a bit less emotional” said the BBC Look North presenter said.”I believed I’d become the person to start things off, but that was Arran.

There is no customary gay wedding ceremony. Owain declared that “you can choose to do what you want”. “We were all together when we entered the building and my mom was a an active participant, as was my dad was also there,” Owain said. “They loved it and claimed it was among the most enjoyable moments in their lives.”The couple enjoy “a wonderful relationship with both their parents.” Owain added.

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