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What is Vlad Kurochka’s net worth?


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Vlad Kurochka’s hip-hop dance career has provided him with steady income. He has performed at a variety venues, including concerts, birthday celebrations and other events. Vlad Kurochka makes a lot of money playing in different places. His net worth is estimated to be $600,000. USD.

Education and childhood

Vlad’s real identity was never revealed by his band Kalush & Kalush Orchestra. Although his true identity has not been revealed, he is still known as Mc KylvymMen. He’s not on any social media platforms. None of his Wikipedia or professional profiles are visible on the internet.

Vlad Kurochka was born in Ukraine, and has been in the entertainment industry since 2016. We will soon update information regarding his education and schools.

Background of the family

Vlad is now officially a member of the Kalush Band. Vlad never spoke of his love for his biological family in the media. He is close to his band members, with whom he lives and works. Oleh Psiuk is the leader of his band Kalush and holds him in high esteem.

Among the band’s closest friends are Tymofii Muszychuk and Ihor Didenchuk. His band members used to learn from him a few hip hop dance moves. Vlad Kurochka has been featured in every Kalush band picture for a long while, motivating the entire band.Our investigation revealed that Vlad Kurochka has no original tattoos on his entire body. He presents himself as an original man, wearing a multi-colored designer bodysuit. Watch the video below to dispel all doubts.

Are you familiar with the Music Career, Songs, and Albums at MC KylymMen

Vlad Kurochka is a dancer and has been in the industry since 2016. He made his public debut at a reality dance show. He was a contestant on the dance reality program Everybody Dance! In 2016, Vlad took part in the dance reality show Everybody Dance! Vlad was not the winner of the competition but he was named first runner up. He couldn’t defeat Mihai Ungureany who was the winner of the 2016 Everybody Dance! Show. His B-boying dancing skills were praised on the reality TV show.

In 2019, he joined Kalush, which Oleh Piuk leads. He is the only member who can dance, while the rest of the group are usually singing or playing instruments. His family, friends, and fellow Ukrainians were proud of him when he helped his band Kalush win the Eurovision Song Contest 2022. He did a live hip hop dance when his band performed the song “Stefania”. Vlad’s dancing skills can be seen on many of his music CDs.

Status of relationships

Our study shows Vlad appears to be single. Vlad enjoys concealing his true identity behind a multicolored designer mask. Vlad never spoke out about his relationship with a woman, unlike the rest of his band. Because of his mask, we believe he never had the chance to meet girls. It is not known if he is single. We’ll let you know if he’s not, as soon as we find out more about Vlad’s girlfriend.

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