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What’s the reason South Africa is running out of Marmite


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SA customers who are rummaging through malls looking for the elusive Marmite may have come across the solution that’s been on the shelves for many years. After two years of a shortage of the original Marmite selling of Marmite Cheese Spread are increased, according to Sihle Mkhize. Convenience Foods General Manager at PepsiCo Sub-Saharan Africa who own the brand within South Africa. “Marmite Cheese Spread” isn’t unique to the South African idea, but something we’re extremely satisfied with. At present, we have plenty of Marmite Cheese Spread stock to satisfy the anticipated demand, which includes those who are interested to test the product. Although the sales for Marmite Cheese Spread were increased during the current Marmite shortage however, our original Marmite is still a top-selling item.” South Africa is running out of Marmite.

One thing you’ll immediately observe in Marmites cheese is their striking resemblance in the way it is labeled. It could make you believe that you’ve won and found a new supply of genuine Marmite straight from the van that delivers it. However, that’s where the resemblance is over. Inside there’s a dense chocolate-coloured spread that’s unlike the silky smooth jet-black of the traditional Marmite. It also has a surprising taste and doesn’t have the full, flavorful savoury punch that is typical of the Marmite. The taste is similar to having a cheese spread that has been diluted with Marmite.

That’s exactly the reason its creators had in mind to use it for.

“Toast by combining Marmite and cheese slices is a cult favorite among Marmite fans We have decided a few years back to mix the two to make it easier. The most delicious of both is a smooth cheese spread, with a hint of Marmite flavor,” says Mkhize. “[Itis] not designed to be an Marmite alternative instead, it’s a complement to the Marmite assortment.” If you find the strong traditional Marmite flavor to be too strong the makers of Marmite clearly thought of you. “The product is a distinct spread and has been available for quite a while building its own fanbase as well as a shrewd curiosity from Marmite enthusiasts from other regions of the globe, too,” says Mkhize.

The Marmite shortage began in 2020 when alcohol bans imposed by lockdowns caused disruption to supplies of Brewer’s yeast essential ingredient in the production of Marmite which creates the flavor. The shortage was further aggravated by the flooding in KwaZulu-Natalas as well in shortages of food-grade ash imported coming from China as well as because of pandemic lockdowns. If a less cheesy version Marmite will not work for you, there’s an alternative.

In the coming weeks, we’ll likely be seeing more merchandise in the stores, according to Mhize. “The Marmite production facility has been stable and operating according to plan over the last month. We will concentrate on Marmite 250g until we have enough inventory to sell, and then we’ll begin production of the Marmite version 125g. The factory has implemented two shifts from April to meet the demand. The inventory is flowing into trade , however with the demand being high however, it could take several months to fill that pipeline.”

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