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Who is Lana Rhoades’ boyfriend?


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Despite her huge audience, Lana Rhoades has been not revealing her private life in recent times. However, it seems that at present Rhoades is not married, and raising her baby by herself.

She has a most recent partner is a YouTuber and author Mike Majlak. They started dating in the month of January, 2020 following getting to know each other through Logan Paul and were said to be in an on-again, off-again relationship throughout their time together.

In the beginning of 2021 Rhoades revealed that the couple had separated. The HITC revealed that cheating allegations ended their relationship.

Who Is Lana Rhoades?

Lana Rhoades is born Amara Maple, a 25-year-old former adult film star and influencer born in Chicago, Illinois.

She’s modelled previously in Playboy publication, and was a part of a variety of adult-oriented films. She also appeared in the film of 2017 Lana.

Rhoades once talked about her experiences with some of the most difficult things she was required to perform as pornstar and that’s the reason she left the business. She revealed to Logan Paul and Mike Majlak on their ImPaulsive podcast that it caused her experiencing anxiety and fear about “bodily fluids” being in certain areas (we’ll not go into details about that).

Who is the real person?

Rhoades was born in Chicago, Illinois on 6th September 1996. Her true name is Amara Carple.

She relocated from LA to pursue her dream of a career in porn after meeting the talent agent Mark Speigler.

Her parents are believed to still live within Illinois and she is trying to conceal her profession away from them as best she can.


Rhoades is currently a digital influencer and producer. She hosted the trio of Girls 1 Kitchen (3G1K) podcasts along with Olivia Davis and Alexa Adams.

Rhoades revealed her plans in the month of July that she would be ready to start her podcast. In the 3G1K podcast Rhoades spoke about her experiences working in the p**n industry along with some of the hazardous situations she’s had to film.

She’s also talked about her wedding at 18 years old and also about who she’s dated previously.

Also , Still in Love with Mike Majlak?

The connection, according to Majlak wasn’t fueled by normal conditions. He believes that the majority of people aren’t aware of the severity of his circumstance. He chose to use the term “poison the sludge” to express his thoughts.

In the end, it is clear that even though they divorced, their people involved were not cooperating. Majlak and Rhoades have often fought because of their differing views about a certain issue.

Majlak declared that he did not have any frightening connection with Rhoades. He is awestruck by her, wishes to be the best for them, and would like to see her happy. It is preferential to date someone who puts her at relaxed.

He said there would not be any breakup videos and said that this was the last time he spoke about the issue in the public.

Divorce is a cause of divorce:

Lana has broken her silence months after the couple of social media stars ended their relationship and revealed the real reason why she parted ways with Mike Majlak.

Lana’s relationship her with Majlak had been an intermittent off-again affair during their relationship. In October, they took different approaches, before reuniting within a couple of days.

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