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who would you like to be Mushroom from The Masked Singer?


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We’ve made up our minds about Jellyfish, Seahorse, Whatchamacallit and many more correctly. We’re betting $1 trillion that Sun is actually LeAnn Rimes. From the beginning the fourth season, a contestant has been awed by viewers of EW’s Masked Singer sleuths: Mushroom. In the run-up towards the final it’s time to make our predictions for the singing fungi which is possibly the most difficult contestant to predict throughout the series’ run.

Many fans believe that the man is Work It star Jordan Fisher while others believe dancer and singer Todrick Hall is hidden behind the scenes. While some clues are in the works for both -most likely an intentional move on behalf of the producers We believe Mushroom is a different singer: “The Man” singer Aloe Blacc.

Let’s get one thing off the table first: first, the Hamilton clues. Similar to Serpent the Mushroom’s clue packets included many references to Lin-Manuel Hamilton’s popular musical (e.g. “Young scrappy, messy and Fungi”) but it appears too obvious to refer to a specific actor. Blacc was a singer who gained the heights of fame through his track “I Need a Dollar,” was featured on the 2016 Hamilton Mixtape. We also have a an interesting history to go with us because many believed that Serpent is Hamilton’s Leslie Odom Jr., however, it was actually the an internet sensation, of Dr. Elvis Francois.

We’ll look at other significant clues that point to Blacc. The first box of the Mushrooms had him with a briefcase and he said it was his first time “in the rat race in a job that might be a surprise to you.” It’s true, Blacc briefly worked in the corporate world of Ernst & Young before his career began to take off.

In the final package the Mushroom’s “secret confidant” said that the story that he was class president in high school , and had an GPA above 4.0. Blacc earlier told us during interviews that he had been a senior class leader and had straight A’s throughout high school. He was able to go on to USC and was an Renaissance as well as a Trustee Scholar as well as a psychology student. and the study of linguistics.

The brain-shaped mushroom was mentioned in clues from the past in the past, when the man described himself as “a healer and scholar” in the first clue as well as his second stage clue showed the brain sitting on platter. “Healer” could refer to the social message in his music, which are evident in album titles such as Shine Through and Lift Your Spirit as well as his stage name Aloe (as as in aloe vera).

In the end, Mushroom revealed on stage after his performance of the third time that “the name I’m using by today was not mine when I first began to sprout.” Three of the most popular suggestions for Mushroom the only one is Blacc is a good fit, since it is his actual name Egbert Nathaniel Dawkins III. From what we can determine Fisher and Hall both Fisher as well as Hall have been using their real names throughout their careers.

We’ll now introduce the cast of clues that will be supporting us in the form of clues. We’ve seen a variety of hats during Mushroom’s time on the show including the “If you want to find out who’s behind my mask you’ll need to find out who’s hiding under my capes” line from his sneak peek episode to the hat featured in his third clue segment which hints at his love for caps (seriously check out any image or video of him and you’ll see he’s not wearing a cap). In the first season that was released, there was an episode with the “sprouted to underground” line as well as Blacc had been part of an underground hip-hop group named Emanon.

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